Fall Conference 2017: Emerging Innovation Leadership Challenges for Global Firms

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Get highlights and takeaways from this conference here. In recent years, the Mack Institute’s conferences have explored challenges that established firms face on a regular basis: acquisition strategies, digital disruption, talent management, and business model innovation, to name a few. This conference takes a holistic approach to these issues from…

Fall Conference 2016: Building a Connected Strategy: From Customer Experience to Technology Platforms

Spring Conference 2017

The Internet of Things, the sharing economy, wearable fitness trackers, remote health care, peer-to-peer payment systems … Executives across industries are buffeted by a broad range of technological developments that enable new business models. The common thread among all these developments is that, rather than having episodic interactions with customers,…

Wharton Technology & Innovation Conference 2016

Wharton Technology and Innovation Conference

The Mack Institute for Innovation Management and the Wharton School’s Management department co-sponsor an annual two-day event designed to encourage, cultivate, and profile management researchers studying technology-based industries and firms. Leading academics on technology and innovation present their findings and engage in discussion of leading-edge questions related to the management of innovation.

Organized by Saikat Chaudhuri and Rahul Kapoor…

Strategies for Success in the New Era of Connected Ecosystems

Our Fall Conference 2015 stressed the need to trade places with consumers in order to identify opportunities in a landscape where digital technologies have changed all the rules.Read More

Will Dell’s Big Leap into the Cloud Pay Off?

After years of making incremental changes to transform itself from a personal computer and server player into a company that could offer a wider array of products and services, Dell is punting its piecemeal approach in favor of a system-wide repositioning of its business by acquiring storage behemoth EMC for $67 billion — the largest M&A deal ever between technology firms.Read More

POMS Product Innovation and Technology Management (PITM) Mini Conference

The Product Innovation and Technology Management College of POMS will hold its bi-annual mini-conference at the Mack Institute for Innovation Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 31st 2015. As in previous years, the mini-conference this year promises to be an intellectually stimulating event that will showcase leading edge thinking and ideas from the world of practice and academia in the area of innovation….

Spring Conference 2015: Leadership, Talent, and Culture: How to Win the Long Game in Innovation

This conference will examine complex interactions among leadership, talent, and culture in order to improve an organization’s innovation capacity. Even though the classic debate continues over whether strategy leads structure or vice-versa, what matters is how well strategic leaders combine talent and culture to find imaginative solutions to unmet market needs….