Student Research Fellowships

Through a Mack Institute Student Research Fellowship, students have an opportunity to work closely with our faculty and funded researchers on topics that are highly relevant to current challenges in innovation. Participants strengthen their strategic, decision-making, and leadership skills while gaining valuable experience.

The Mack Institute offers fellowships for both individuals and teams throughout the academic year. Students interested in participating will take part in a competitive application process and will be required to submit a resume and statement of interest.

In addition to formal fellowships, the Mack Institute refers eligible students to our funded researchers who are looking for research assistance.

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How to Apply

If you are a student interested in conducting research with the Mack Institute, please submit your resume using the application form below. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Although we have no specific fellowships available at this time, we will hold your resume for future opportunities.

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Sample Fellowships

Uses of 5G Technology for Vehicle-to-Everything

Company Background

The company is a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company exploring the opportunities and limits of 5G technologies. It has wide-ranging interests in vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) connectivity. Collectively, this can be referred to by vehicle-to-everything (V2X). When V2X is enabled by cellular technology, it is called C-V2X. One of the major intended purposes of 5G cellular technology is to enable the development of even more sophisticated uses for C-V2X (e.g. augmented reality applications for vehicles).

Project Overview and Deliverables

Given that C-V2X technologies promise great benefits in terms of increased safety, efficiency, productivity, better traffic management, less pollution and more, this project focuses on new business models regarding the following:

  • Value/viability for multiple players (including automotive OEMs, mobile network operators, road operators, mobility service providers)
  • Who should pay, how, and how much for the necessary investment for C-V2C in vehicle connectivity modules, upgrades in networks and roadside infrastructure, mobile spectrum usage, and other elements of the solution stack
  • Who and how should benefit from the data produced by connected cars and their passengers?
  • What is the impact on the business models of new types of mobility (e.g. “as a service”) and vehicle ownership?
  • Which players in which roles can become dominant in the smart mobility era? Why?
  • What moats should players use (including, but not limited to platform strategies, size of ecosystem, forward and vertical integration, future proof & penetration of technology)?

Identifying Mental Health Technologies

Project Description

There is considerable interest in using low-cost technologies to study, monitor, and provide guidance related to mental health disorders (to include some childhood psychiatric illnesses) across large populations. This research fellowship project focuses on a market map and ecosystem evaluation of technology and platforms.

Student Research Fellows

Young-Hun Kim

ENG’18 WUG’18
Finance and Bioengineering

Young-Hun Kim is a junior in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology studying Finance and Bioengineering. He has previously interned at Oliver Wyman and Vanderbilt University’s Department of Bioengineering and is especially interested in bringing together biotechnology with business. On campus, he is involved with Science Olympiad at the University of Pennsylvania, Global Development Collaborative, and the Club Tennis Team.

Adele Li

ENG’20 WUG’20
Computer Science, Finance, and Statistics

Adele Li is a student in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology studying Computer Science, Finance, and Statistics. She is incredibly interested in the intersection between healthcare, technology, and business, having published papers about the sleep architecture of autism from her research at Stanford University. On campus, she is involved with the Wharton Investment and Trading Group’s TMT investing team as well as the Innovation Fund within the Weiss Tech House. She loves playing jazz piano, exploring restaurants in downtown Philly, and watching basketball (go Warriors!).

Maghnus Mareneck

ENG’20 WUG’20
Computer Science and Business

Maghnus Mareneck grew up moving between countries in Europe before coming to America when he was 16. After High School, he took a year off to work in Silicon Valley at tech companies exploring the intersection between team-building and high-tech gameplay. He has been a member of multiple tech-related organizations and communities, including Consciousness Hacking, which seeks to find technologies that facilitate understanding and elevating human consciousness. He studies Computer Science and Business at Penn as part of the M&T Program.

Caroline Raquel

ENG’20 WUG’20
Biomedical Engineering and Finance

Caroline Raquel is a freshman and plans to double major in biomedical engineering and finance. She conducted research in the USC Biomechanical Engineering Laboratory for three years. Her first project was researching the benefits of dance as a possible rehabilitation regimen for people with Parkinson’s disease and post-stroke. Her second project was researching impulse generation and joint kinematics of Paralympic sprinters. She also founded a nonprofit, Feed2Succeed Fund, that raises money to feed malnourished children in the Philippines. She is a member of the University of Pennsylvania varsity volleyball team. This project is a direct crossover of both her intended majors, and she is excited to gain real-world experience with this crossover.

Ece Nur Sahin

ENG’18 WUG’18
Electrical Engineering, Management and Finance

Ece Nur Sahin is a current third year undergraduate student in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology at the University of Pennsylvania studying Electrical Engineering, Management and Finance. Her main areas of focus are product/project development, business and strategy development and entrepreneurship. Last year she was a runner up finalist in Y-Prize Competition, by Mack Institute and Wharton School of Business, with her team on developing a vaccine patch using micro-fluidic channel technology proven by Penn Bio Engineering Labs. Last summer, she interned at Magneti Marelli under Ferrari group at product management and sales/exports departments. During the school year she is working as a teaching assistant for ESE 111 and ESE 190 under Penn Electrical and Systems Engineering Department. She enjoys travelling, swimming, wind surfing and discussing about international politics, technology, visual arts and fashion.

Predictive Analytics

Project Description

This firm is currently considering their needs in the predictive analytics space and how additional investment and investigation can add value to the business. What would be the best approach to develop predictive models that can be applied to any number of business issues for the firm? The team is looking at data (customer inception/cancellation/renewal dates, premium, sum assured, policy duration, and payment frequency) to determine cost-efficient and focused anti-churn campaigns to secure a better persistency of this firm’s portfolio.

Student Research Fellows

Jeffrey Cheng

ENG’19 WUG’19
Computer Science and Statistics

Jeffrey Cheng is a sophomore studying computer science and statistics. He previously worked in customer lifetime valuation research with Wharton and in data science with Electronic Arts. On campus, he is involved with Wharton Investing and Trading Group’s Quantitative Investment Strategies team, play in the Wind Ensemble, and TA for CIS 160. He looks forward to working with everyone this semester.

Zsofia Hajnik

Rotterdam School of Management
Business Information Management

Zsofia Hajnik is an exchange student from Rotterdam School of Management majoring in Business Information Management. She worked in consulting for Accenture and participated in the Business Information Management Honors Programme, which is an extracurricular course where motivated students get the chance to work on company projects. First, we predicted the customers’ position across the customer decision journey based on their clicks on an ecommerce platform and advised the company how to target the different visitors based on the predicted outcome. As a second company project, my team predicted the price sensibility of customers using experiments for an online insurance company and provided them with a model applying dynamic pricing to increase the margins and reduce churn rate at the same time. She is looking forward digging into the data and finding actionable insights.

Mark Liam Murphy

ENG’18 WUG’18
Systems Engineering and Statistics

Mark Liam Murphy is a junior studying systems engineering and statistics with a love of using applied math and computer science to solve problems. Since the summer, he has been working in the Marketing department as a research assistant using analytics on a large public dataset tracking thousands of entrepreneurs over 5 years in order to study firm failure. The opportunity to work with this team is exciting, and he can’t wait to use the skills he has built on this project.

Antonio Muñoz Villanueva

G’17 WG’17
International Studies, Finance and Strategic Management

Antonio Muñoz Villanueva graduated with a degree in Infrastructure and Real Estate Engineering from the universities of Castilla la Mancha, Spain and RWTH Aachen, Germany. During school, he interned at Ferrovial Infrastructure and Advans Broker Insurance. Later, he moved to the Allianz Group’s Global Corporate Division where he spent five years. Most recently he worked at McKinsey & Company. Currently, he is doing his MBA at the Wharton School.

Antonio is an avid social entrepreneur and has directed the construction of a hospital and a primary school in Cameroon. He has co-founded different companies and become an investor for different start-ups in the healthcare and data analytics industries.

Joy Wang

ENG’18 C’18
Computer Science and Mathematical Economics

Joy Wang is a junior studying computer science and mathematical economics. She has always believed in data as the biggest driver for any industry and she is passionate about drawing actionable insights from data. As she entered as the semi-finalist for Quant Quest hosted by Goldman Sachs last spring, she was impressed how textual profiles can reveal such powerful strategies and insights conducting data analysis. Quantifying fundamental sentiments of 500 S&P companies, she and her team performed data scraping on Wikipedia pages, trained topic models with Natural Language Processing techniques and constructed statistical models by defining financial profiles quantitatively. By visualizing data in a heat map, they derived specific and actionable strategies to hedge the risk based on company similarities and differences. She looks forward to working with the team and add value with her passion and interest.

Kamil Zarychto

Statistics and Finance

Kamil Zarychto is a second-year MBA student at the Wharton School majoring in Statistics and Finance. Prior to Wharton, he worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, serving clients from the banking and insurance industries. Before that he was an actuarial analyst at Towers Watson in the United Kingdom helping clients from the life insurance sector.

He holds a Master’s degree in Quantitative Methods in Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics and he has also completed the CEMS Master’s in International Management program.

Design Solutions for Yoga Practitioners

Company Background

The company is a multinational fabrics manufacturing and design company that supplies some of the world’s largest companies and brands. It leverages its ecosystem of design offices, apparel manufacturing plants, fabric mills, and component manufacturing facilities to provide a unique solution to its customers.

Project Description

YogaThe company is invested in the athletic-wear sector and sees an emerging opportunity specifically within the area of yoga practitioners. Using a design-thinking approach, the team has developed the conception of posture correction as a core driver of this new business. With the primary assumptions that yogis would engage with a product to improve their posture and help them track progress towards achieving their “yoga goals,” the objective is to provide an unobtrusive and simple way for users to set and achieve goals.

Student Research Fellows

Andrea Chew

Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Healthcare Management, and Minor in Computer Science

Andrea Chew is a Junior at Wharton hailing from the sunny island of Singapore. She is currently studying Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Healthcare Management and minoring in Computer Science. This past summer, Andrea worked at Quadria Capital, an Asian-focused private equity fund that invests in companies across the healthcare spectrum. On campus, she is a member of the consumer retail and healthcare teams of the Wharton Investment and Trading Group and a brother in the Phi Gamma Nu Professional Business Fraternity. In her leisure time, Andrea enjoys playing badminton, tennis, jazz music and practices meditation from time to time.

Rui-rui (Holly) Li


Holly Li is a junior in Wharton studying Management. She’s incredibly interested in product design and branding, and is planning on spending her next few months in San Francisco, coding and working on a startup idea (like every entrepreneurial Wharton student!) On campus she’s involved in Wharton Council, the Innovation & Design club, and previously, the Institute of Contemporary Art and Wharton Social Impact Initiative. In her free time, she can be found studying typography, drinking coffee, and designing logos.

Neha Narain

WUG’19 ENG’19
Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology

Neha is a sophomore enrolled in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology, studying Chemical Engineering and Management. She is primarily interested in the intersection of business and technology in the energy industry, and hopes to apply her learning from various technology and product design companies to learn about innovation in a new and upcoming field. On campus, she is involved in being a Teaching Assistant for Management 100, working with the C&D core at the Annenberg School on Preventive Medicine and is a member of the Penn Global Research and Consulting Club. Outside of school, Neha enjoys playing the piano, baking and reading autobiographies.

Uswah Shabbir

Finance and Entrepreneurship

Uswah Shabbir is a sophomore intending to study Finance and Entrepreneurship at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She is deeply invested in social entrepreneurship, which she believes is the ideal intersection between social responsibility and for-profit sectors. On campus, Uswah is involved in Wharton Ambassadors, Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Outside of school, she lovs reading, graphic design, journaling, and running. One of her college goals is to visit every coffee shop in Philadelphia before graduating and to learn how to play the drums.

Digital Transformation - Internet Insurance Sales Project

Project Description

What are some best practices already used within internet insurance sales? What business model should be used to go online? What products are sold? What effect will regulating bodies have on the future of insurance sales and its transformation?

This project will look at both the US & European landscape of insurance sales and provide a set of recommendations around the digital transformation of this industry.

Student Research Fellows

Chakra Banerjee

Chakra Banerjee

WG’16, G’16
The Lauder Institute

Chakra Banerjee is a final year MBA/ MA candidate at the Wharton School and the Lauder Institute majoring in Finance and International studies. Trained as a Production and Industrial Engineer, Chakra obtained a Bachelors in Engineering from Jadavpur University in Kolkata, India and later pursued a Dual Masters in Engineering and Technology Management at the Technical University in Hamburg, Germany, where he was the sole recipient of a full industrial scholarship sponsored by Deutsche Lufthansa AG given to one student each year. Prior to Wharton, Chakra worked in Management Consulting at Deloitte Consulting in areas of Strategy, Operations, M&A and Technology, advising German and European conglomerates based out of Hamburg and Munich in Germany and Basel in Switzerland for over 5 years. During this time he received a chance to work on a major acquisition on behalf of Novartis AG for their Alcon acquisition, a $33 Billion deal in the Pharma and Eye care market. His responsibilities spanned reporting to the German/Austrian top management in all areas spanning Finance, Healthcare IT and Salesforce integrations along with capital budgeting. In addition, Chakra has also built significant expertise in M&A and Financing, working at Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking division based out of London, advising Private Equity clients as well as leading European Telecoms and Industrials. Chakra also founded the first educational Non Profit based out of Technical University Hamburg, which caters to education of underprivileged children in India having done substantial fundraising from a noted German investor and has built partnerships with 3 leading international NGOs for executing projects. Chakra is fluent in 4 languages, including German, English, Hindi and Bengali and in his free time enjoys playing soccer, reading philosophy and Murakami novels as well as building expertise in technological products.

Michael Biemann

Michael Biemann

Finance, Management

Michael Biemann is a second-year MBA candidate at the Wharton School, majoring in Finance and Management, and is concurrently pursuing a Master in Public Administration degree at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Previously, he spent four years at the investment manager PIMCO, most recently in a product management role focusing on the firm’s emerging market debt strategies and based in Munich, Germany. He has also served as a Graduate Intern at the United States Department of the Treasury, in the Office of the Middle East and North Africa. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Pierre Le Normand

WG’17, G’17
The Lauder Institute

Pierre Le Normand was born and raised in France. He holds a Master’s in Management from Reims Management School and has cleared the three levels of the Chartered Financial Analysis exam. During his graduate studies, he served as founder and treasurer of a local branch of Cheer-Up!, a national association in France that helps young cancer patients work on various projects. His internship experiences with large financial institutions in the Middle East and Europe, working with large multicultural teams, reinforced his passion for global business.

In 2010, Pierre joined MetLife in Latin America as part of a highly selective two-year program for recent graduates. He worked in Chile and Colombia, leading large projects in different areas. After completing the executive-development program, he oversaw the strategic planning of the agency business for MetLife in Chile, where he helped to expand the sales force from 600 to 1,200 agents. He also had a direct impact on the sales process by implementing a mobile sales platform that helped to increase agents’ productivity. In March 2014, he was promoted to strategy deputy to lead both the company-strategy team and the cross-selling team. During that year he led the strategic-planning process that identified cross-company initiatives to unlock $20 million in operating earnings over three years. In his spare time, Pierre loves to participate in sports such as running and horseback riding. He has run in several half marathons and finished his first marathon in just over three and a half hours. He has also been a long-time volunteer for the organization team of the Concours Hippique du Clermontois, a national show-jumping competition in the north of France.

Enkhjavkhlan Tsogtbaatar (Jay)

Finance, Entrepreneurial Management

Enkhjavkhlan Tsogtbaatar (Jay) is a native Mongolian who speaks fluent Mongolian, Russian, and English. Currently, Jay is a second-year MBA student (Class of 2016) at The Wharton School where he majors in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management. He is also the VP of Career in Asia Club and was the First-Year Deputy Treasurer of Wharton Finance Club during his first year at Wharton. After his graduation, Jay will be joining McKinsey & Company as a full-time Associate in New York City. Prior to Wharton, Jay worked for the leading private insurance company in the United States where he was directly responsible for managing financials for lending services and brokerage products with combined annual revenue over $100 million. Through his past experience, Jay has built diverse skills and knowledge in building complicated Excel models and running various regressions to forecast future macroeconomic trends. Jay is a big fan sports and loves playing basketball and ping pong. During summer time, he enjoys spending his free time climbing mountains and exploring wild nature.

Antonio Munoz Villanueva

WG’17, G’17
The Lauder Institute

Antonio was exposed to multicultural environments from a young age. He lived in Germany, spent several summers in the U.K. under different academic exchange programs, and travelled frequently around Europe. These experiences helped him develop a strong awareness of global business and international relationships. He is business-fluent in Spanish and English and is conversant in German, French, and Portuguese. He has worked in Spain, Germany, Brazil, and Cameroon and has visited more than thirty countries. In 2008, Antonio graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from the universities of Castilla la Mancha, Spain and RWTH Aachen, Germany. After graduation, he began work for Advans Broker Insurance. In 2010, Antonio moved to the Allianz Group’s Global Corporate and Specialty Division, serving as an underwriter and global risk engineer. At Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, Antonio led multicultural and cross-functional teams, leading technical due diligence and risk analysis for corporate clients in the energy and heavy civil industries. One of twelve people worldwide selected for Allianz’s Global Talent Development Program (Class of 2014), Antonio led a multinational team of six people that completed a global productivity analysis, reporting directly to the Chief Financial Officer. He also spent several months in Brazil helping in the development of the local team. Antonio is an avid social entrepreneur and has directed the construction of a hospital and a primary school in Cameroon. He currently serves as advisor and angel investor in two start-ups in the healthcare and data analytics industries. Antonio has played for one of the best handball teams in the history, “Club Balonmano Ciudad Real”. He played as well in the third German Handball league.

Telecommunications Industry in the New Digital Economy

Project Description

What are the key dynamics of the telecommunications industry that will change as digitization continues to permeate? How will networks adapt to manage and support the ever-growing number of connected devices? How can those devices use network services in the most effective and efficient ways for telecoms? What are the implications of digitization on both the enterprise and consumer level? This project seeks to address the digital telecom landscape and provide a set of strategic recommendations for engagement across a number of industry applications.

Student Research Fellows

Aaron Guo

WUG’17 ENG’17
Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology

Aaron is a student at the University of Pennsylvania studying through the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology, a dual-degree program between the Wharton School and the School of Engineering and Applied Science. He is interested in the intersection of business and technology, and would one day like to combine the two in the sphere of environmental sustainability.

Outside of school, he is interested in cooking, photography, and exploring the beautiful city of Philadelphia.

Pratyusha Gupta

WUG’16 ENG’16
Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology

Pratyusha is a senior in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology studying Computer Science, Finance, and Management. She has previously had internships at Silver Lake Partners and Whale Rock Capital Management and is very interested in investing. On campus, she is involved with the Wharton Investment and Trading Group and Global Platinum Securities. Pratyusha also has a strong interest in the business and technical decisions made by telecommunications firms.

Outside of school, she loves watching football (go Patriots!), playing video games and reading science fiction novels.

Dylan Sun

WUG’16 ENG’16
Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology

Dylan is a Senior in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology program studying Finance, Management, and Computer Science. He is particularly interested in the technology / telecommunication space as well as the consumer retail and transportation sectors. His past working experience includes Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. On campus, he is involved with the Wharton Investment & Trading group, works with the Undergraduate Admissions Office, and is an RA in Rodin College House.

In his spare time, Dylan enjoys baking French pastry and building computers.

Junda Zhu

WUG’17 ENG’17
Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology

Junda is a junior in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology studying Finance and Systems Engineering. He is interested in learning about the intersection between business and technology by exploring the innovation strategies implemented by technology companies. On campus, he is involved in Wharton Investment and Trading Group’s TMT investing team, as well as Phi Gamma Nu Business Fraternity. Outside of school, he enjoys traveling, photography, and investing.

Dietician Telehealth Project

Project Description

This project was co-sponsored by the Mack Institute and the Biomedical Research and Education Foundation.

WebcamA service-offering experiment was launched by BREF in 2014 to provide a link between hospitals and professional dieticians to improve the care of patients who indicated a need for help. This experiment produced some interesting findings. For example, in spite of a potentially attractive financial return for a hospital, the number of patients referred to the service was very low. This was in spite of indications from both patients and physicians alike that they needed and wanted this kind of a service. Therefore, it was necessary to investigate the market further to gain a better understanding of what BREF should consider.

BREF is specifically looking for a study that will better define the opportunity and the needs of this market, and propose optional business models along with a proposed financial model for the dietitians and nutritionists to consider.

BREF has been working with independent and institutional dietitians and nutritionists on a variety of projects since 2011, and has identified a need in the medical market for a platform that effectively matches nutrition experts with caregivers and patients. The nutrition advice market is primarily composed of independent practitioners and small practices. Larger institutions have few dietitians on staff and rely on outside support. A platform that helps match doctor-referred patients to the nutrition specialists or registered dietitian would help deliver care that patients otherwise do not receive.

BREF is also considering developing a relationship with the Goldring Center at Tulane University to use their trained nutritionists, dietitians, and doctors. They have an advance nutrition training program, an industrial kitchen, trained chefs, and community participation that make it a unique venue. We would like the platform to be expandable and open to all referring physicians and practicing dietitians.

Student Research Fellow

Gil Kaminski

Health Care Management

Gil holds a BSc in Biomedical Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, and an MS in Finance from the University of Delaware. Prior to studying at Wharton, Gil worked for a number of years in Healthcare, innovation and entrepreneurship. She began her career at Israel’s Naval Medical Institute, and later moved to the private sector. She is a co-author of 2 patents and of several academic articles. Gil has a strong interest in innovation in medical technology and healthcare delivery.

Gil is in Wharton’s Healthcare Management program, and is involved with several clubs at Wharton, including the Wharton Women in Business club, Healthcare club, Vets club, and Israel club.

This summer, she will be working at DaVita HealthCare Partners’ VillageHealth group, which provides integrated care management for those with kidney disease, in the goal of improving clinical outcomes and quality of life, while reducing healthcare costs.

Nutrition Business Opportunities Project

Project Description

This project was co-sponsored by the Mack Institute and the Biomedical Research and Education Foundation.

NutritionWhat are the growth opportunities for nutrition?

BREF is investigating the nutritional needs of a number of segments of the population. Of particular interest are the rapidly growing geriatric population, cancer patients, and people facing other medical challenges.

Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, various drug therapies, and other disease treatments often report that food is either unappealing or tastes like ‘motor oil,’ a common complaint. As people age, tastes also change along with the normal aging process, and medication that is often associated with aging often leaves people nutritionally and intellectually unprepared to deal with their own physiological needs. BREF is evaluating this market to determine the opportunities for business and product innovation.

BREF has been working with scientists at a number of academic institutions to address many of the basic issues such as nutritional education of physicians and the availability of food supplements. The organization has also been instrumental in establishing a consortium to address specific medical needs. This work has raised awareness at the Foundation that more work needs to be done and that innovation is needed to accomplish its objectives.

BREF is interested in a plan for a geriatric nutrition business opportunity (one or more) that is based on answering these basic questions:

  • How large are these markets, what is their growth rate, and how could they be segmented?
  • What are the nutritional needs of these segments, as defined in the literature (reports or studies)?
  • What are the unmet needs of these populations?
  • How and who (what companies) are meeting these needs now?
  • What are the product and/or business opportunities?
  • How would these (or even a single opportunity) best be addressed?

Student Research Fellow

Neil Assur

Statistics, Entrepreneurship, Finance

Neil is a current MBA candidate at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to matriculating into Wharton, Neil worked as a data-scientist for Liberty Mutual Insurance company, where he was responsible for applying advanced statistical algorithms to “big data” operational challenges. During his tenure, Neil and his team focused particularly on the claims process, where they were able to employ predictive modelling to significantly improve claims efficiency and customer satisfaction. In recognition of his work, Neil was invited to present at the Liberty-Mutual Predictive Modelling Forum–the youngest such analyst to be awarded this prestige. In addition, Neil is the founder of the Boston-based non-profit “Reach Higher,” an organization dedicated to providing under-resourced individuals with free educational services.

Psychiatric Software Project

Project Description

This project was co-sponsored by the Mack Institute and the Biomedical Research and Education Foundation.

mental healthMany specialties in medicine are benefiting from real-time data capture.

In cancer treatment, for example, physicians are able to upload and share information on treatments and care (using a cloud-based data collection service on a daily basis). This enables other participating clinicians — anywhere — to learn about the efficacy of therapies in specific types of patients, improve their practice, and hopefully improve patient care. This approach will continue to improve as genetic testing becomes more common and less costly.

However, there are domains where information availability takes a longer, more traditional route to market through the medical literature. Psychiatry is one area of medicine where more data, collected more efficiently and effectively and with regular analysis, could potentially make a significant contribution to care.

Patients suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is one example of a condition where regular data collection and sharing might improve medical practice. It is estimated that about 7%-10% of the U.S. population suffers from some form of PTSD. The numbers are higher among veterans. The approach to capturing and sharing data daily has the potential of improving and potentially even saving lives through improved data sharing, understanding, and analytics. BREF is investigating the potential opportunity for business development of analytics models for the psychiatry market. Although PTSD is of primary interest, the study of opportunities is not restricted to this alone and may include others.

Of concern to BREF is the market. Although the benefits appear to be compelling, would such a model be accepted by healthcare providers? Would they participate? Would they subscribe to a service if it were offered? What are the ways in which this type of program could be launched? Are there key drivers in this market or is this just one of those ‘good ideas’?

We are looking for a student report to focus on financial data, the size of the market, costs of running a telehealth business, payment rates, competition or trends in the market, and other metrics to help us quantify the value of the project.

BREF needs answers: Is there a business development opportunity here and if so, what does that business look like? If not, are there other opportunities in this market that appear to be compelling?

Student Research Fellow

Mariam Malik

Health Care Management

Mariam Malik is a current MBA candidate at the Wharton School and is part of the school’s Health Care Management program. She is focused on healthcare services with an interest in the mental and behavioral health space. Prior to attending Wharton, she graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a BS in Business Administration. She then worked as a Senior Associate Consulting at L.E.K. Consulting in the San Francisco office where she specialized in the firm’s Healthcare Services sector. Her clients were predominantly comprised of payers, providers, and health technology companies. She led several cases helping clients on growth strategy and M&A, and she contributed to L.E.K.’s expanding healthcare practice.

Mariam will be interning at a small and fast growing telepsychiatry stratup called 1DocWay this summer in New York City. She will be working on product management and will be developing a marketing strategy for the company. Mariam is also a part Wharton’s Digital Health Club and Wharton Women in Business.