Y-Prize Competition

The Y-Prize Competition invites student teams to propose innovative commercial applications for technology invented by University of Pennsylvania researchers. The winning team receives $10,000, which they may use towards commercializing the Penn-owned technology that their proposal is based upon.

Y-Prize 2018 Winner

The competition promotes intercollegiate cooperation, entrepreneurial spirit, and collaboration among the many schools at Penn. Successful teams must possess a balance of skills in science, technology, and business.

Past Y-Prize Competitions

The competition, which started in 2012, initially focused on the field of robotics, and many teams found their inspiration in challenges from their daily experiences. Winning ideas included a teaching robot hexapod and flying quadrotor robots intended to detect improvised explosive devices in war zones.

Subsequent competitions shifted the focus from robotics and offered a variety of technologies in the fields of biomedical engineering and nanotechnology. The featured technologies for the 6th annual competition will be announced during the summer of 2017.

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