Collaborative Innovation Program

Put the theory of innovation into practice. Transform your ideas into impact.

The Mack Institute’s Collaborative Innovation Program connects students with business leaders and researchers in the study of innovation management and its practical application. Through this program, students collaborate with our corporate partner companies to address existing challenges within their organizations.

Student Experiences

Benefits to Students

  • Enrollment in MGMT 892 for 1 credit. This program is now offered in both the fall and spring semesters
  • Access to Mack Institute corporate partners in leading organizations
  • Opportunity to gain hands-on experience with innovation management challenges and promote innovation within an established company
  • Build and work with interdisciplinary teams
  • Exposure on topics including developing organizational ecosystems, business model innovation, and managing emerging technologies

How the Program Works

Corporate partners propose a current business challenge they’re trying to address, and the Mack Institute facilitates student teams to work on the challenge.

Guided by Wharton faculty, students selected for the program may provide the following: industry analysis, competitor analysis, general environment analysis (trends and uncertainties including political, technological, global, and sociocultural segments), and assessment of the organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses. Specific analysis will depend on the corporate partner’s objectives for the project.

The institute’s corporate partners include the following industries: automotive, pharmaceuticals, electronics, consumer products, government, and professional services.

Course Requirements

MGMT 892 has a no-drop policy. Once you have been selected for the class and formally accept a project via email, you will not be able to switch teams. You will be required to sign non-disclosure agreements prior to classes beginning on your project.