About the Mack Institute

Bringing together rigorous research and practical applications to navigate the risks and rewards of innovation

The Mack Institute is the hub of a global learning network for scholars, business leaders, and students. Each year, we host several major conferences and workshops; fund student, PhD, and faculty research; and sponsor student initiatives and experiential learning relating to innovation and emerging technologies.

We emphasize multi-disciplinary, cross-functional perspectives. Our activities are guided by research priorities  jointly developed with our industry partners. These priorities reflect the strategic challenges of our partners and signal our reach and scope in the field of innovation management. They provide a blueprint for our research funding decisions and a basis for our industry-academic programs.

The leadership of the Mack Institute is comprised of three faculty directors and an executive director. Along with a diverse core team of accomplished Wharton faculty members, they collaborate with our senior fellows, who are high-level executives and academic leaders with expertise in innovation management.

In 2001, the Mack Center was established through a generous gift from William L. Mack (W’61) and Phyllis Mack. The Macks also funded the center’s transition to an institute in 2013.