Events and Programs

The Mack Institute hosts conferences and workshops throughout the year to share current academic thinking and industry practice in the field of innovation management. Our events offer unique opportunities for researchers, faculty, and corporate decision-makers to connect and collaborate, spark new conversations, and launch exciting ideas that create real and lasting impact.

Participants from a range of disciplines and industries bring their diverse perspectives to the Mack Institute’s conferences and workshops. Our annual spring and fall conferences bring together academics and industry practitioners to address current business issues.

This conversation isn’t limited to the Wharton School’s campuses: the Mack Institute supports a weekly show about innovation and business news on Business Radio on SiriusXM 132.

In 2013, the Mack Institute expanded its research network through the integration of the Program on Vehicle and Mobility Innovation (PVMI). Together, the Mack Institute and PVMI focus their expertise and rigorous research techniques on the critical questions of the evolving global automotive industry.