Corporate Strategy and Innovation Conference

The Wharton Corporate Strategy and Innovation Conference takes place every December at the Wharton School’s Philadelphia campus.

Modern companies are increasingly engaging in innovative corporate strategies that call out for academic inquiry. Firm boundaries are constantly being reconsidered by both newer firms (like Google and Amazon) and more traditional firms (like GE and Siemens) alike. New technologies are influencing corporate strategies in ways that are only partially understood, and there is increasing empirical evidence that returns to scale and scope may have fundamentally changed over the past several decades, and are likely to continue to do so.

This conference fosters an engaged community of like-minded researchers interested in exploring questions on the frontiers of corporate strategy and innovation. Topics include new insights on the following:

  • Corporate scope and firm boundaries
  • Related and unrelated diversification
  • Innovation in multi-business firms
  • Innovation and returns to scale and scope
  • Corporate strategies of platform-based businesses
  • Governance, structure, and organization
  • Outsourcing, alliances, and partnerships