Featured Researchers

Raffi Amit

“Managing the Value Appropriation Dilemma in Business Model Innovation”

Valentina Assenova

“Institutional Change and Early-Stage Startup Selection: Evidence from Applicants to Venture Accelerators”

Susanna Berkouwer

“Credit, Attention, and Externalities in the Adoption of Energy Efficient Technologies by Low-Income Households”

Britta Glennon

“Women Are Credited Less in Science Than Men”

Exequiel Hernandez

“Mi Casa Es Tu Casa: Immigrant Entrepreneurs as Pathways to Foreign Venture Capital Investments“

David Hsu

“Revisiting the Entrepreneurial Commercialization of Academic Science: Evidence from “Twin” Discoveries”

Rahul Kapoor

“Value Creation Tradeoff in Business Ecosystems: Leveraging Complementarities While Managing Interdependencies”

Daniel Kim

“When Do Startups Scale? Large-scale Evidence from Job Postings”

Saerom Lee

“The Myth of the Flat Start-Up: Reconsidering the Organizational Structure of Start-Ups”

Daniel Levintal

Book: Evolutionary Processes and Organizational Adaptation: A Mendelian Perspective on Strategic Management

Simone Marinesi

“Rethinking Crowdfunding Platform Design: Mechanisms to Deter Misconduct and Improve Efficiency”

Serguei Netessine

“Design of Off-Grid Lighting Business Models to Serve the Poor: Field Experiments and Structural Analysis”

Stefano Puntoni

“Perception of Justice by Algorithms”

Manav Raj

“Quick or Broad Patents? Evidence from U.S. Startups”

Lynn Wu

“Social Media Alleviates Venture Capital Funding Inequality for Women and Less Connected Entrepreneurs”