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When the Wind of Change Blows, Build Batteries? Optimum Renewable Generation and Energy Storage Investments

Working Papers

Renewables have become the cheapest energy sources in most of the world but their generation remains variable and difficult to predict. However, recent technology advances have rendered large-scale electricity storage economically viable, thus mitigating the renewable intermittency issue and enabling combinations of e.g. wind and batteries to replace fossil fuel power plants. Read More

The Push and Pull of Numeric Diversity Goals

Funded Research Proposal

Recent research suggests that diversity can provide a critical boost to organizational innovation. Indeed, organizations often espouse public goals to diversify their workforces, and past research has robustly shown that specific, quantified goals are more effective at motivating goal completion than ambiguous goals. Read More

Quantifying Network Effects in Mobile App Markets

Funded Research Proposal

Many technology products and platform markets are characterized by indirect network effects. These network effects arise when the benefit from using a product or a service increases with the use of a complementary product or service. Read More

Risk Premia at the Lower Bound

Funded Research Proposal

The goal of our project is to establish a measure of the physical probabilities and risk premia associated with low (zero) interest rate outcomes. Read More