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Since 2001, the Mack Institute has provided over $4.5 million in funding toward more than 600 projects that advance our four research priorities. The result is a cross-industry body of research covering paradigm-shifting technologies and innovation strategy. We invite you to browse our archive of research below.

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Online Learning with Randomized Neural Networks

Working Papers

This project adapts online learning techniques to unstructured data, focusing on neural networks. We posit a non-parametric multi-armed bandit algorithm with context that uses a neural network for its underlying function approximation. We theoretically analyze and prove guarantees on the regret under this algorithm Read More

Implications of Revenue Models and Technology for Content Moderation Strategies

Working Papers

This paper develops a theoretical model to study the economic incentives for a social media platform to moderate user-generated content. We show that a self-interested platform can use content moderation as an effective marketing tool to expand its installed user base, to increase the utility of its users, and to achieve its positioning as a ...Read More

Emission Targets as a Way for Tacit Coordination

Funded Research Proposal

The goal of the project is to identify cheap talk and faithful signaling in environmental reports issued by the U.S. largest firms and understand the determinants and consequences of cheap talk about firms’ climate responsibility. Read More

Towards a Causal Theory and Test of Network Effects: Structural Holes, Alliance-Network Externalities, and Organizational Innovation

Working Papers

We investigate whether the effect of network position on innovation is causal or spurious. Although empirical evidence demonstrates that certain structural positions in alliance networks (e.g. structural holes) affect firm innovation, it is hard to disentangle the factors allowing a firm to put itself in a certain position from the innovation outcomes that stem from ...Read More