Capturing Economic Value from Innovation Investments

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Be an Ally: The Role of Identity in Inspiring Collective Action

Funded Research Proposal

People are frequently asked to engage in collective action—voting, protesting, signing petitions, donating—to uplift members of traditionally marginalized groups and encourage social change. Prior research suggests that minority group members who advocate for collective action are penalized for doing so, while majority group members are not. In this work, I shift focus from perceptions of ...Read More

Understanding the Network of Websites: How Can We Improve Digital Privacy?

Funded Research Proposal

The first study aims to investigate the online data network, in which personal information flows between websites, in order to analyze which privacy policy interventions would be most effective. The second study focuses on individual household’s internet browsing behavior and analyzes vulnerability of different socioeconomic groups to privacy violating data collection activities. Read More

Using Blockchain to Insure Against Climate Risk

Funded Research Proposal

Climate change will increase extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, and storms. In addition to tragic direct consequences that include deaths and physical damage to homes and businesses, climate change threatens to suppress business investments and slow economic growth by increasing the risk associated with capital investment. Read More

Unmasking Sex-Trafficking Supply Chains With Deep Web Data

Funded Research Proposal

High resource constraints and the covert nature of sex trafficking provide significant barriers to developing data-driven innovations that inform law enforcement investigations and trials. We leverage massive deep web data (collected globally from leading adult services websites) in tandem with a novel machine learning framework to unmask sex-trafficking recruitment-to-sales pathways. Read More

Insider vs. Outsider Judgments of Diversity in Organizations

Funded Research Proposal

We theorize that people who belong to or create groups within organizations (organizational “insiders”) perceive their groups to be more diverse than outside observers (organizational “outsiders”). In other words, we argue that people have distorted perceptions of the diversity of groups they belong to or form, which may lead organizations to become complacent with low ...Read More

Economies of Scope in Prescription Drug Development

Funded Research Proposal

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most innovative industries in the US. An important driver of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry is research & development (R & D). How do the portfolios of drugs being developed by pharmaceuticals affect the success rates of innovation? In this project, we will quantify the extent of economies ...Read More

Privately Owned Battery Storage: Re-Shaping the Utility Business Case

Working Papers

How can rooftop solar owners capture economic value from investing in battery technologies? Storage adds at least three strategic options for homeowners that previously could only directly consume solar generation and sell any excess instantaneously, thus they traditionally relied on feed-in tariffs or other subsidies. Read More

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