Mack’s Christian Terwiesch and Karl Ulrich in the Wall Street Journal: “M.B.A. Students vs. ChatGPT”

Mack Institute co-director Christian Terwiesch and core team member Karl Ulrich have published an article in the Wall Street Journal detailing their research on on ChatGPT and idea generation. Based on a recent working paper, the article details their recent research, which compared business ideas generated by ChatGPT with ideasRead More

Creative Disruption? Innovations in Supply Chain Management

Executive Summary:  Our Spring ‘23 conference, “Creative Disruption? Innovations in Supply Chain Management,” highlighted the challenges and opportunities faced by global supply chains in the wake of unprecedented disruptions. Speakers from academia and industry discussed such themes as the balance between efficiency and resilience, the role of advanced technologies inRead More

New Working Paper Finds ChatGPT A Better Innovation “Ideator” Than MBA Students

Earlier this year, Christian Terwiesch, Mack Institute co-director and Wharton Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions, made headlines with his white paper showing that ChatGPT could easily pass a typical Wharton MBA exam. Now he and co-authors Karan Girotra, Lennart Meincke, and Karl T. Ulrich have released a new workingRead More

Doing Business in the Metaverse: Leveraging Innovations in Immersive Technology

Doing Business in the Metaverse: Leveraging Innovations in Immersive Technology by Shankar Parameshwaran Business use cases within the metaverse are rapidly expanding. The $200 billion global gaming industry empowers its enthusiasts to save the world by egg-bombing enemies or create their own islands. Restaurant chains allow patrons to cook virtualRead More

WATCH: ChatGPT for Work, Training and Education

Will ChatGPT take my job? Does the rise of AI mean should I change my college major? We gathered together three of Wharton and Penn’s leading experts on artificial intelligence to discuss how LLMs like ChatGPT will impact the workplace and education in the future. Watch the full video above.Read More

Introducing AV4EV: Our Initiative to Study Commercialization of Autonomous Driving

The automotive industry is on the brink of a massive transformation as autonomous vehicles (AVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) are poised to experience widespread growth and adoption over the next several years. While these new technologies hold tremendous potential in reducing carbon emissions, improving safety, enhancing mobility, and increasing efficiency,Read More

Research Spotlight: Serguei Netessine on the Entrepreneurs Bringing Light To Rural Rwanda

One tenth of the world’s population has no access to electricity — and eighty percent of that population lives in Africa, where half the continent is still unelectrified. Wharton’s Serguei Netessine together with co-authors recently published a paper studying an innovative new approach to bringing electricity to off-grid Rwandans viaRead More

Mack Institute to Explore Supply Chain Issues and Innovations at Spring Conference

In recent years, events like the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukraine war, and U.S. tensions with China have dramatically impacted global supply chains, drawing attention to their vulnerabilities and calling into question the widespread industry practice of prioritizing supply chain efficiency over resilience and crisis preparation. As firms continue to weatherRead More

Leveraging the Metaverse for Innovation: Key Takeaways from our Fall ’22 Conference

Emerging metaverse technologies have equally passionate evangelists and skeptics, making it hard to separate hype from reality. Facebook was the subject of buzzy media headlines when it rebranded to Meta, but now faces plummeting stock and mass layoffs. At the same time, investors continue to pour billions into metaverse-related technologyRead More

Announcing Collective Impact, A “Virtual Salon” For Management Scholars

The Mack Institute is pleased to announce the launch of Collective Impact Virtual Salon, an initiative of Wharton Management Professors Lori Rosenkopf and Dan Levinthal.  Collective Impact is a knowledge-sharing and blogging initiative inspired by a series of faculty discussion groups convened by Rosenkopf and Levinthal during the pandemic. Collective Impact brings together top management scholars forRead More

Would Chat GPT Get a Wharton MBA? New White Paper By Christian Terwiesch

GPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot from OpenAI, went viral soon after its launch, drawing attention to and raising questions about the future of generative AI. But is it smart enough to pass a final exam in a typical Wharton MBA course? Mack Institute Co-Director Christian Terwiesch published his findings inRead More

Y-Prize 2022-23 Finalists Announced

Congratulations to the four student teams chosen as finalists for this year’s Y-Prize competition: AtrioFlow, Bubble, Equimeter, and VoluVision! The Y-Prize competition challenges students to build their entrepreneurial skills by creating business plans for technologies invented at Penn Engineering. The team with the best commercial application wins $10,000 to helpRead More

Fall ’22 Collaborative Innovation Program Kicks Off

Each semester, the Mack Institute’s Collaborative Innovation Program (CIP) brings Wharton and Penn students into some of the world’s top companies to solve organizational challenges. This Fall semester, 27 students from Wharton’s Full-Time and Executive MBA Programs, plus Penn Engineering, are participating in this project-based course alongside seven different firmsRead More

Mack Institute To Explore Metaverse at Fall Industry Conference

The “Metaverse revolution” envisioned by tech scions like Mark Zuckerberg may not be here yet, but major players across industries are getting ready for it.  Citi Analysts called the Metaverse market a “trillion dollar opportunity” and heavy-hitting firms from Ford to Gucci have made headlines with their recent forays into immersiveRead More

Our Collaborative Innovation Program Experience: Developing A New AlcoBev Product

This past spring semester, Vishoka Balasubramanian WG’23, Shounak Mishra WG’22, Andres Ramirez WG’23, and Jordan Woodard WG’22 participated in the Mack Institute’s Collaborative Innovation Program (MGMT 892), a project-based course that brings Wharton students into real companies to help them solve problems and drive innovation strategies. The students in theRead More

Decision-Making Expert Paul Schoemaker on Corporate Vigilance and Scenario Planning

Paul Schoemaker Why do some firms survive or even thrive during challenging times, while others fail? Paul Schoemaker, a pioneer in the field of decision science and former Mack research director, explains two of the key concepts that firms must master to anticipate problems, challenges, and competitors. Paul Schoemaker on Vigilance PaulRead More

Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) As Driver of Innovation and Value

Many of the biggest topics in business today fall under the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) umbrella. From new SEC guidelines on carbon emissions to demands for diversity, equity and inclusion, successful firms need a strong stance on ESG to meet the demands of today and the challenges of the future. Read More