The Impact of e-Visits on Visit Frequencies and Patient Health: Evidence from Primary Care

Published Research

Secure messaging, or “e-visits,” between patients and providers has sharply increased in recent years, and many hope they will help improve healthcare quality, while increasing provider capacity. Using a panel data set from a large healthcare system in the United States, we find that e-visits trigger about 6% more office visits, with mixed results on phone visits and patient health.Read More

Fall Conference 2016: Building a Connected Strategy: From Customer Experience to Technology Platforms

Spring Conference 2017

The Internet of Things, the sharing economy, wearable fitness trackers, remote health care, peer-to-peer payment systems … Executives across industries are buffeted by a broad range of technological developments that enable new business models. The common thread among all these developments is that, rather than having episodic interactions with customers,

In Consumer Services, What Happens “When Things Go Wrong”?

Customers often face frustrating service experiences, from long lines to grumpy employees. However, what do these frustrations look like from the lens of service providers? Hosted by Mack Institute Co-Director and Professor of Operations and Information Management Christian Terwiesch and Professor of Operations and Information Management Marshall Fisher, the showRead More

Idea Generation and the Quality of the Best Idea

Published Research

In a wide variety of settings, organizations generate a number of possible solutions to a problem—ideas—and then select a few for further development. We examine the effectiveness of two group structures for such tasks—the team structure, in which the group works together in time and space, and the hybrid structure, in which individuals first work independently and then work together.Read More