Rethinking Frameworks in the Life Sciences: Perspectives from Real Estate and Precision Medicine

Joel Marcus, Executive Chairman and Founder of Alexandria Real Estate Equities, and Liz O’Day, CEO and Founder of Olaris Therapeutics, discuss how collaboration across stakeholders can enhance innovation in the life sciences.Read More

Physician Organization and Incentives in Childbirth: Evidence from Physician Practice Management Companies

Funded Research Proposal

A challenge of mergers and acquisitions is how to align incentives between the target firm and the existing organization. In the health care industry, Physician Practice Management Companies (PPMCs) acquire physician practices to gain market power and leverage economies of scale. Read More

The Role of Pharmacy Benefit Managers in Driving Pharmaceutical Prices and Utilization

Funded Research Proposal

The business model of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) has evolved dramatically over the last few decades from basic insurance claims processors to becoming one of the key drivers of pharmaceutical pricing and utilization in the U.S. PBMs are the “middlemen” between insurers and drug manufacturers.Read More

Welfare Effects of Physician-Industry Interactions: Evidence from Patent Expiration

Working Papers

Many transactions occur via expert advisors, especially in the healthcare sector, and as such, firms frequently implement strategies to influence these advisors. The efficiency of these interactions is an empirical question. Read More

The Impact of e-Visits on Visit Frequencies and Patient Health: Evidence from Primary Care

Published Research

Secure messaging, or “e-visits,” between patients and providers has sharply increased in recent years, and many hope they will help improve healthcare quality, while increasing provider capacity. Using a panel data set from a large healthcare system in the United States, we find that e-visits trigger about 6% more office visits, with mixed results on phone visits and patient health.Read More

The Economics of Patient-Centered Care

Working Papers

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a widely-implemented model for improving primary care, emphasizing care coordination, information technology, and process improvements. However, its treatment as an undifferentiated intervention obscures meaningful variation in implementation. Read More