Alliance performance and subsequent make-or-ally choices: Evidence from the aircraft manufacturing industry

Published Research

This study examines the extent to which firms that are collaborating with other firms in a particular area of business subsequently change modes of governance and undertake independent activities in the same area of business. Read More

Saying Hello and Waving Goodbye: Intra-Organizational Tie Formation in The Face of Collaborator Departure

Working Papers

Indirect ties play an important role in the formation of new collaborative relationships. Yet we know little about how the mobility of such indirect ties changes the role that they play. In this paper, I explore how the organizational exit of common collaborators influences tie formation between previously unconnected workers. Read More

Collaborating with Complementors: What Do Firms Do?

Published Research

The study considers the interdependencies between complementors in the business ecosystem and explores the nature of collaborative interactions between them. It sheds light on the organizational and the strategic contexts in which such interactions take place, and shows how they may influence the pattern and the benefits of collaboration.Read More