Intra-Organizational Collaboration Networks: The Impact of Scientist Exit on Innovation and Knowledge Creation

Funded Research Proposal

Collaboration between individuals is critical to innovation and knowledge creation. Within an organizational context, however, collaborative relationships can be subject to an abrupt end should a collaborator exit the organization. Read More

Collaborating with Complementors: What Do Firms Do?

Published Research

The study considers the interdependencies between complementors in the business ecosystem and explores the nature of collaborative interactions between them. It sheds light on the organizational and the strategic contexts in which such interactions take place, and shows how they may influence the pattern and the benefits of collaboration.Read More

Nuclear Research Networks in Emerging Markets: Collaboration & Competition in High-Tech Fields

Working Papers

To what extent do nuclear scientists in different countries collaborate with each other? What is the network structure of collaboration and competition? We argue that nuclear research networks, formed by reciprocal and horizontal interactions among specialists and the institutions within which they are embedded, evolve across developing economies in response to fluctuations in government spending.Read More