Revisiting the Locus of Experience: A Study on Corporate Development Executives, Organizational Learning and M&A Performance

Working Papers

Understanding how firms learn to make better strategic decisions and achieve superior performance is a question of significant concern to managers and scholars, especially in the context of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).Read More

The International Configurations of US Multinational Corporations

Published Research

This paper explores how key insights from highly cited and well-used frameworks that describe the strategies and structures of MNCs are reflected in the international configurations of US MNCs. I perform a cluster analysis on a comprehensive and confidential database that covers the population of US MNCs.Read More

Replicating the Multinationality-Performance Relationship: Is There an S-Curve?

Published Research

Our study examines the relationship between a firm’s multinationality and its performance. In a much-cited study, Lu and Beamish (2004) found evidence of an S-shaped relationship—with firm performance first decreasing, then increasing, then decreasing again as firms internationalized—in a sample of Japanese firms from 1986 to 1997.Read More

Renting Capabilities from Consultants in Post-Acquisition Integration

Funded Research Proposal

This research investigates capability development at the business unit level of analysis. To do so, we consider business units that have been serially bought and sold, or “repeatedly divested” units.Read More

Evolving Communication Patterns In Response to an Acquisition Event

Published Research

This study combines qualitative and quantitative methods, with particular emphasis on network data of worker behavior, to analyze changes in worker communication patterns during the first three years of a post-acquisition integration. The findings suggest that new communication routines develop slowly and are not entirely enduring even when a transformative event, such as an acquisition, occurs.Read More