IP Litigation Is Local, But Those Who Litigate Are Global

Working Papers

While there has been a growing literature on the globalization of R&D and intellectual property (IP) strategies, most of the extant studies are conducted at a specific location or a specific point in time. The three projects in this program aim to provide a holistic view of firms’ global R&D footprint.Read More

Replicating the Multinationality-Performance Relationship: Is There an S-Curve?

Published Research

Our study examines the relationship between a firm’s multinationality and its performance. In a much-cited study, Lu and Beamish (2004) found evidence of an S-shaped relationship—with firm performance first decreasing, then increasing, then decreasing again as firms internationalized—in a sample of Japanese firms from 1986 to 1997.Read More

The First Step to Successful Innovation? Choosing the Right Partners

Wharton management professor Exequiel Hernandez searches for the optimal mix of domestic and foreign partners in a firm’s network. The answer depends on what type of innovative solution a firm is trying to produce.Read More

Service Diversity, Offshore Leverage, Vendor Reputation, and Performance of Customer Accounts in Software Outsourcing

Working Papers

This paper studies the impact of delivering widely diverse services, managing dispersed teams across time zones, and building vendor reputation for quality services, on performance at the customer account level and shows how firms can sustain competitive advantage.Read More