Renting Capabilities from Consultants in Post-Acquisition Integration

Funded Research Proposal

This research investigates capability development at the business unit level of analysis. To do so, we consider business units that have been serially bought and sold, or “repeatedly divested” units.Read More

Organizations Lost in Limbo?: An Investigation of the Impact of Impending Divestiture on Business Unit Strategy & Performance

Working Papers

This research examines the impact of impending divestiture on business unit strategy and performance. Divestiture deals can be multi-year transactions with highly uncertain endings. During the deal period, as the parent-unit tie weakens, business units are placed into an organizationally-orphaned, limbo-like state.Read More

Divestiture Capability and Firm Performance

Funded Research Proposal

In order to sustainably innovate and grow, firms must, at times, shrink. This research is premised on the concept that the success of a firm’s innovation strategy relies not just on its ability to “grow smart,” but equally on its ability to “shrink smart.”Read More

Advancing the conceptualization and operationalization of novelty in organizational research

Published Research

The construct of novelty is an important primitive for theories of organization learning, strategic change, and innovation. The organizational pursuit of novelty is generally theorized as necessary for long-term organizational adaptation and survival yet variance increasing in the short term.Read More