Building a More Intelligent Enterprise

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Businesses must develop a sustainable competitive edge in order to succeed in the long run. One way to achieve this is by leveraging technology-enabled insights with a sophisticated understanding of decision making, judgment, and reasoning to make smarter decisions in the face of uncertainty.Read More

Spring Conference 2015: Leadership, Talent, and Culture: How to Win the Long Game in Innovation

This conference will examine complex interactions among leadership, talent, and culture in order to improve an organization’s innovation capacity. Even though the classic debate continues over whether strategy leads structure or vice-versa, what matters is how well strategic leaders combine talent and culture to find imaginative solutions to unmet market needs.

Innovating in Uncertain Markets: 10 Lessons for Green Technologies

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Talking about “green technology” gets people excited. It’s thrilling to think that a new wave of inventions and discoveries will revolutionize the way we live, halt the degradation of our planet and conserve resources for future generations. And it’s more than just talk: Investors are committing real dollars.Read More