Failed Disruption: A Cross-National Analysis of Books and Wines

Funded Research Proposal

Over the last two decades many categories of services have shifted from the traditional to the digital format, including music, news, job postings, and dating, among many others. Meanwhile, the sale of products has shifted significantly from physical to online channels, including clothing, toys, cosmetics, and even food.Read More

Information Technology, Organizational Delayering, and Firm Productivity: Evidence from Canadian Microdata

Working Papers

This proposal explores how information technology and innovation in digitization affect organizational structure. Similar to earlier wave of IT adoption that substituted certain routine tasks, we plan to use the Workplace and Employee Survey from Canada to show that this new wave digitization and IT investments can induce a structural change in organizational hierarchies that differ from prior technologies. Read More

To Master Innovation in the Technology Sector, Companies Must Nail the Cultural Fit

Sid Kumar on Mastering Innovation in the Technology Sector

The global technology sector is constantly changing as new players enter the industry and legacy ones adapt. We asked Sid Kumar (WG’09) how CA Technologies, a global enterprise software company, has navigated digital transformation over the past 40 years.Read More