Grow Faster by Changing Your Innovation Narrative

Published Research

Managers have no shortage of advice on how to achieve organic sales growth through innovation. Prescriptions range from emulating the best practices of innovative companies like Amazon, Starbucks, and 3M to adopting popular concepts such as design thinking, lean startup principles, innovation boot camps, and co-creation with customers. Read More

Vigilant Leadership and Disruptive Innovations

Funded Research Proposal

In 2004 the Mack Institute sponsored a conference on “Peripheral Vision: Detecting the Weak Signals that can Make or Break Your Company,” that led to a book of the same title with Paul Schoemaker, and seven further articles. During the past decade our approach has been applied to dozens of companies and spawned two major research initiatives. Read More

Strategies for Success in the New Era of Connected Ecosystems

Our Fall Conference 2015 stressed the need to trade places with consumers in order to identify opportunities in a landscape where digital technologies have changed all the rules.Read More

Business Model Innovation: How Far Beyond the Pill?

Funded Research Proposal

A central feature of the strategic growth-seeking discipline is full-spectrum innovation; the systematic search for growth opportunities by rethinking and reimaging the value proposition and business model components of the strategy. The purpose of this research project is to continue the Mack Institute sponsored research on business model innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.Read More

Innovation Clinic: Assessing Innovation Opportunities

The risk of failure of an innovation – whether an embryonic concept or an advanced working prototype – can be contained with rigorous screening. This session will introduce proven tools for assessing and improving innovations, and crafting the plan for launching the innovation. Participants will get hands-on experience applying these tools to the case of a medical device start-up, and learn from best-practice applications

Fall Conference 2014: Connecting What’s Needed with What’s Possible: How Technology Is Changing the Face of Innovation

This conference explored the latest advances in understanding customer needs, developing solutions to these needs from the fast growing menu of technology possibilities. It also discussed connecting these needs to solutions both inside the organization and with external partners and assessing their value.

Five Lessons for Building Innovation Prowess

George Day

According to George Day, top businesses have a lot in common with top athletes. His research examines the qualities that separate “growth leaders” from “growth laggards” — in other words, the qualities that separate average or failing companies from those that achieve Olympic-level success.Read More

Video: George Day Interview About “Innovation Prowess: Leadership Strategies for Accelerating Growth”

David Heckman, practice leader, senior management at the Wharton School’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education, recently spoke with Mack Institute Co-director George Day about why innovation prowess is the key to growth leadership. The interview addresses the questions that Professor Day explores in his latest book Innovation Prowess: Leadership StrategiesRead More