Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) As Driver of Innovation and Value

Many of the biggest topics in business today fall under the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) umbrella. From new SEC guidelines on carbon emissions to demands for diversity, equity and inclusion, successful firms need a strong stance on ESG to meet the demands of today and the challenges of the future. Read More

The Future of Mobility: Strategy, Technology, and Geopolitics

Discussing the “once in a century” transformation of the auto industry, including electric and autonomous vehicles, data and AI, and global supply chain issuesRead More

Strategies for Success in the New Era of Connected Ecosystems

Our Fall Conference 2015 stressed the need to trade places with consumers in order to identify opportunities in a landscape where digital technologies have changed all the rules.Read More

Michael Mandel Discusses Mobile Broadband Regulatory Prospects for New FCC Head

Michael Mandel

Michael Mandel discusses the implications of the nomination of a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) head for domestic mobile broadband regulation in an article co-authored by Diana G. Carew. As Mandel and his co-author illustrate, the regulatory framework governing mobile broadband has gone undecided for several years. What is atRead More

Google, Innovation and Regulation: Michael Mandel in The Atlantic

Mack Center Senior Fellow Michael Mandel analyses the implications of the Federal Trade Commission’s settlement with Google for The Atlantic: The Google Way: How Washington Can Regulate Without Killing Growth. Mandel hails the FTC’s decision as proof that “regulatory agencies can be thoughtful about adopting pro-innovation, pro-growth policies without abandoningRead More