Building a Connected Strategy: From Customer Experience to Technology Platforms

Connected Strategy Conference

At the Mack Institute’s Fall Conference 2016, leaders from across industries discussed their companies’ pursuit of “connected strategy” defined by continuous customer engagement.Read More

The Future of Telecom in the Internet of Things Era

Digital technologies like Skype and WhatsApp are eroding traditional telecom revenue streams, and the Internet of Things promises even more uncertainty ahead. Martin Creaner, corporate strategy advisor for telecom giant Huawei, spoke at a recent Mack Institute conference about how his company is working to develop a new, more flexible business model.Read More

A randomized control trial in oral health on varying financial incentives and frequency of performance feedback for dental self-care

Funded Research Proposal

The burden of oral disease in the U.S. is high, and in need of novel approaches to improving preventive oral health behaviors. Almost half of U.S. adults have periodontal disease, while 92% of adults and 50% of children experience dental caries. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) put new emphasis on financial incentives in which financial rewards for patients and providers are linked to health decisions and outcomes.Read More