Regulating Innovation with Uncertain Quality: Information, Risk, and Access in Medical Devices

Published Research

We study the impact of regulating product entry and quality information requirements on an oligopoly equilibrium and consumer welfare. Product testing can reduce consumer uncertainty, but also increase entry costs and delay entry. Read More

Returns to Political Contributions in Housing Markets

Working Papers

This paper investigates whether firms donate to political campaigns in order to influence supply in local housing markets. Using new data on campaign donors of U.S. mayoral candidates and a regression discontinuity design, I uncover three findings. Consistent with political favors, connection to the mayor causes residential development firms to sell more new housing units.Read More

Big Pushes, Little Hollywoods: Local Economic Development Effects of Film Tax Credit Lotteries

Working Papers

The extent to which local incentive policies (such as subsidies and tax credits) are effective at spurring new centers of innovation, and whether these incentives induce overall productivity growth or just a shift of production from one region to another, is the subject of this proposal.Read More

Innovation and Product Risk: Firm Strategy and Public Welfare

Funded Research Proposal

Innovative new products come with hope, but also risk that they will not work as well as hoped. Thus testing and monitoring are key strategic decisions of an innovative firm in any market, and in some markets these strategic decisions will be intertwined with government regulatory policy.Read More

Google, Innovation and Regulation: Michael Mandel in The Atlantic

Mack Center Senior Fellow Michael Mandel analyses the implications of the Federal Trade Commission’s settlement with Google for The Atlantic: The Google Way: How Washington Can Regulate Without Killing Growth. Mandel hails the FTC’s decision as proof that “regulatory agencies can be thoughtful about adopting pro-innovation, pro-growth policies without abandoningRead More