Gamification and the Enterprise

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What if our whole life were turned into a game? What sounds like the premise of a science fiction novel is today becoming reality as “gamification.” As more and more organizations, practices, products, and services are infused with elements from games and play to make them more engaging, we are witnessing a veritable ludification of culture.Read More

More MOOC Talk: Kevin Werbach on Hyperconnected Academic Freedom

Last year, Kevin Werbach organized Mack Center conferences on hyperconnectivity and IP-led communications. At the same time, the Wharton professor translated theory into practice, utilizing the internet’s rich potential and wide reach to teach an open, online course on gamification via Over 8000 students completed the 6-week massive onlineRead More

For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business

Published Research

Millions flock to their computers, consoles, mobile phones, tablets, and social networks each day to play World of Warcraft, Farmville, Scrabble, and countless other games, generating billions in sales each year. The careful and skillful construction of these games is built on decades of research into human motivation and psychology: A well-designed game goes right to the motivational heart of the human psyche.Read More