Mack Executive Director Valery Yakubovich and Co-Authors in Wall Street Journal: AI Adoption and the Workforce

Mack Institute Executive Director Valery Yakubovich and Wharton professors Peter Cappelli and Prasanna Tambe have authored a new article in the Wall Street Journal that discusses current research and predictions on how AI adoption will affect the workforce. Dr. Yakubovich and his co-authors push back on the popular conception ofRead More

Insights From Tech Talks: Bridging Academia and Innovation in Philadelphia’s Tech Hub 

Panelists Steven Nichtberger, Jen Gilburg, John Swartley, and Tempest Carter  On April 24, the Mack Institute, together with Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce, presented Tech Talks, a panel discussion with government officials and entrepreneurs on how Penn and Wharton can help solidify the city’s future as a leader in innovation andRead More

Creative Disruption? Innovations in Supply Chain Management

Executive Summary:  Our Spring ‘23 conference, “Creative Disruption? Innovations in Supply Chain Management,” highlighted the challenges and opportunities faced by global supply chains in the wake of unprecedented disruptions. Speakers from academia and industry discussed such themes as the balance between efficiency and resilience, the role of advanced technologies inRead More

WATCH: ChatGPT for Work, Training and Education

Will ChatGPT take my job? Does the rise of AI mean should I change my college major? We gathered together three of Wharton and Penn’s leading experts on artificial intelligence to discuss how LLMs like ChatGPT will impact the workplace and education in the future. Watch the full video above.Read More

Leveraging the Metaverse for Innovation: Key Takeaways from our Fall ’22 Conference

Emerging metaverse technologies have equally passionate evangelists and skeptics, making it hard to separate hype from reality. Facebook was the subject of buzzy media headlines when it rebranded to Meta, but now faces plummeting stock and mass layoffs. At the same time, investors continue to pour billions into metaverse-related technologyRead More