Mastering Innovation in Financial Services: How Fintech is Changing the Game for Wells Fargo

Ryan Miller discusses innovation in financial services

The financial services industry is increasingly seeing new technologies arise, from mobile banking to Bitcoin and blockchain technology. On the debut episode of Mastering Innovation, we asked Ryan Miller to share how Wells Fargo fosters a culture of innovation to keep up with these changes.Read More

Student Event: Citi Ventures Fintech Challenge

You're invited to join us for the first Penn Wharton – Citi Ventures Fintech Challenge. In collaboration with Citi Ventures and the Wharton FinTech Club, we're committed to connecting innovative, established, disruptive and proven fintech enterprises with students and industry professionals. We invite you to help find the solutions to

Innovation in Micro-Enterprises: Evidence from a Developing Country

Funded Research Proposal

In less-developed economies, micro-enterprises comprise a large percentage of total number of businesses, playing significant roles in household consumption and investment, labour market outcomes, and the whole economy. In the Philippines, around 800,000 micro-enterprises called sari-sari stores (like mini 7-Elevens), are not only a big part of the country’s retail culture but also of local neighborhoods and more broadly, the national economy.Read More

Stuck in the Adoption Funnel: The Effect of Delays in the Adoption Process on Ultimate Adoption

Published Research

Many firms have introduced Internet-based customer self-service applications such as online payments or brokerage services. Despite high initial sign-up rates, not all customers actually shift their dealings online. We investigate whether the multistage nature of the adoption process (an “adoption funnel”) for such technologies can explain this low take-up.Read More