Grow Faster by Changing Your Innovation Narrative

Published Research

Managers have no shortage of advice on how to achieve organic sales growth through innovation. Prescriptions range from emulating the best practices of innovative companies like Amazon, Starbucks, and 3M to adopting popular concepts such as design thinking, lean startup principles, innovation boot camps, and co-creation with customers. Read More

The Impact of Flexible-Pricing and Cost-Sharing Schemes on the Commercialization of New Medical Therapies

Funded Research Proposal

The clinical-trial data used to make approval decisions for medical therapies are collected from a relatively small patient sub-populations. Given small sample sizes, trial data may suggest that treatments are medically or economically nonviable, even though they ultimately may be, or vice versa. Read More

Frenemies: The Influence of Competitors’ Cooperation on Technological Adoption

Funded Research Proposal

The development and adoption of new innovative technologies confront firms into making decisions in highly uncertain environment. Past experience and the available public information are seldom sufficient to support firms in their decision process; firms ability to experiment and produce new information is then paramount. Read More

Innovation and Product Risk: Firm Strategy and Public Welfare

Funded Research Proposal

Innovative new products come with hope, but also risk that they will not work as well as hoped. Thus testing and monitoring are key strategic decisions of an innovative firm in any market, and in some markets these strategic decisions will be intertwined with government regulatory policy.Read More

Regulating Innovation with Uncertain Quality: Information, Risk, and Access in Medical Devices

Working Papers

This paper examines optimal regulatory testing requirements when new product quality is uncertain but market participants may learn over time. We develop a model capturing the regulator’s tradeoff between consumer risk exposure and access to innovation.Read More

Motivational and Behavioral Factors in Entrepreneurial Decision-Making

Funded Research Proposal

Broadly speaking, this study is investigating how extrinsic and intrinsic motives affect entrepreneurial behavior and, in particular, innovative activity by nascent entrepreneurs. Specifically, it is interested in understanding when and how status motivation induces entrepreneurs to pursue innovative business ideas.Read More