Field Experiments to Measure the Impact of Solar Lights at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Funded Research Proposal

Providing access to cleaner and cheaper lighting solutions is necessary to lift people out of poverty. The magnitude of the economic, health, and educational impacts created by these lighting solutions as we move up the energy ladder, however, is not clear.Read More

Race to E-Commerce: The Role of Firm Owners in Technology Adoption

Funded Research Proposal

This study aims to understand how firm ownership and governance influence the adoption of disruptive technologies in the early stages of the technology cycle. There is a growing recognition that owners have different goals and motivations that in turn, shape the strategic direction of the firms they control.Read More

Frenemies: The Influence of Competitors’ Cooperation on Technological Adoption

Working Papers

The development and adoption of new innovative technologies confront firms into making decisions in highly uncertain environment. Past experience and the available public information are seldom sufficient to support firms in their decision process; firms ability to experiment and produce new information is then paramount. Read More