Organizations Lost in Limbo?: An Investigation of the Impact of Impending Divestiture on Business Unit Strategy & Performance

Working Papers

This research examines the impact of impending divestiture on business unit strategy and performance. Divestiture deals can be multi-year transactions with highly uncertain endings. During the deal period, as the parent-unit tie weakens, business units are placed into an organizationally-orphaned, limbo-like state.Read More

Capacity Investment Timing by Start-ups and Established Firms in New Markets

Published Research

We analyze the competitive capacity investment timing decisions of both established firms and start-ups entering new markets which are characterized by a high degree of demand uncertainty. Firms may invest in capacity early (when the market is highly uncertain) or late (when market uncertainty has been resolved), possibly at different costs.Read More

The Bias Against Creativity: Why People Desire But Reject Creative Ideas

Published Research

People often reject creative ideas even when espousing creativity as a desired goal. To explain this paradox, we propose that people can hold a bias against creativity that is not necessarily overt, and which is activated when people experience a motivation to reduce uncertainty.Read More