Information Provision in the Housing Market

Funded Research Proposal

Improvements in information technology in recent decades has changed our lives and upended industries. One of its major impacts is to make previously inaccessible information accessible, reduce information asymmetries and improve market efficiencies.Read More

Technology and Barriers to Entry in the Real Estate Brokerage Industry

Working Papers

The real estate brokerage industry is important. For a majority of U.S. households, purchasing or selling a home is one of their most important financial decisions. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) estimates that almost 80% of residential real estate transactions involve a realtor. The industry has gone through several significant developments in the past decade.Read More

Real Estate Prices in Beijing, 1644-1840

Published Research

This paper provides the first estimates of housing price movements for Beijing in late pre-modern China. We hand-collect from archival sources transaction prices and other house attribute information from the 498 surviving house sale contracts for Beijing during the first two centuries of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1840), a long period without major wars, political turmoil, or significant institutional change in the Chinese capital.Read More