Resource Competition, Amplification, and the Evolution of Performance Differences

Working Papers

How do ex ante similar firms develop heterogeneous resource positions that lead to persistent performance differences, even among direct competitors? The model in this paper shows that resource competition drives amplification of small differences in resource positions into large performance differences.Read More

Explaining Organic Growth Performance: Why Dynamic Capabilities Need Strategy Guidance

Published Research

Why are some firms consistently able to grow faster than their rivals in the same industry? We employ dynamic capabilities theory to show that organic growth leaders excel because they have innovation prowess. Read More

Designing Customer-Centric Organization Structures: Toward the Fluid Marketing Organization

Working Papers

Today‚Äôs marketing organizations face unprecedented turbulence and complexity. To anticipate and adapt to fast changing customer preferences and environments, executives seek to make their internal organizations nimble and agile by constantly developing, integrating, and reconfiguring new capabilities. Read More

Organizational Evolution and Dynamic Capabilities

Published Research

This article examines the importance of plasticity and diversity in organizational adaptation and with respect to dynamic capabilities. It begins by conceptualizing what elements comprise a dynamic capability within an evolving organization using the contrast between templates (genotypes) and realized practices (phenotypes).Read More

Business Model Innovation: How Far Beyond the Pill?

Funded Research Proposal

A central feature of the strategic growth-seeking discipline is full-spectrum innovation; the systematic search for growth opportunities by rethinking and reimaging the value proposition and business model components of the strategy. The purpose of this research project is to continue the Mack Institute sponsored research on business model innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.Read More