Forecasting of Emerging Technologies Using Crowdsourced Tournaments

Funded Research Proposal

We are working with Philip Tetlock and his team at Good Judgment Inc. (GJ) under the auspices of the Program on Vehicle and Mobility Innovation (PVMI), to design and host a pilot technology forecasting tournament focusing on emerging technologies in vehicles. Read More

Building a More Intelligent Enterprise

Published Research

Businesses must develop a sustainable competitive edge in order to succeed in the long run. One way to achieve this is by leveraging technology-enabled insights with a sophisticated understanding of decision making, judgment, and reasoning to make smarter decisions in the face of uncertainty.Read More

Culture of Meritocracy and Innovation: How Firm Culture Can Motivate Effort, Performance, and Creativity

Funded Research Proposal

Companies often showcase achievements of high performing “stars” to recognize them, but also motivate observing employees. However, “star” recognition can have both beneficial and detrimental effects on observing employees. Read More