Climate Change, Risk and Firms’ Innovation in Green Technology: Threat or Opportunity?

Funded Research Proposal

Public policies that aim at reducing global warming expose firms to legal risks, especially firms that have high carbon dioxide (C02) emissions. How do firms handle this legal risk, both before and after its realization?Read More

The Road Forward for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle

The electric vehicle market seems poised to take off, with high demand for Tesla’s Model 3 and growing attention from big automakers. Yet challenges that stalled EV growth in the past, namely sparse charging infrastructure and high costs, persist. John Paul MacDuffie looks at the role policymakers can take to support, or sink, the EV renaissance.Read More

Creating the Innovation Ecosystem for Renewable Energy via Social Entrepreneurship: Insights from India

Published Research

This paper examines how social entrepreneurship, at both the firm and institutional levels, fosters innovation and economic development. It draws on concepts from national innovation systems (NIS), complexity, ecosystems, and social entrepreneurship research to develop a framework for forming innovation ecosystems via social entrepreneurship. Read More

Confrontation or Collaboration: The Role of Social Movements in Firm-Level Innovation

Funded Research Proposal

The past decade has witnessed an explosion in research at the intersection of markets and social movements, with an increasing acknowledgment of social movements as key drivers of change in organizations and markets. Social movements create new products and markets, change practices in existing organizations, and can have profound impacts on the commercialization of innovation. Read More

Achieving Sustainability: Insights from Biogas Ecosystems in India

Published Research

This paper focuses on how the use of renewable energy technologies such as biogas can help to achieve environmental and socio-economic sustainability. It combines research on sustainable consumption and production, natural and industrial ecosystems and renewable energy adoption. Read More

Learning by Doing and Product Differentiation in the Solar Panel Installation Industry

Funded Research Proposal

Public incentives for innovation in green technologies have appeared both on the supply side (grants for basic research or industry subsidies) and on the demand side (consumer rebates). There are plenty of examples of such governmental programs among renewable energy, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency technologies.Read More

Progressive Business: Where Turning a Profit and Saving the Planet Collide

If I had a nickel for every time I forgot to recycle, I would approach Richard Branson status. But even Branson himself, the billionaire founder of Virgin Group, has taken the initiative to promote more responsible behavior when it comes to our planet, a move that Wharton-sponsored research says couldRead More

John Paul MacDuffie on Hybrids and Electric Cars

Wharton Mack Center core team member John Paul MacDuffie sees tomorrow’s roadways replete with hybrid and electric options, autonomous vehicles and more. MacDuffie, who is co-director of the International Motor Vehicle Program (IMVP), calls electric vehicles “part of our automotive future.” A recent Knowledge@Wharton article observes that such a developmentRead More

Innovating Via Emergent Technology and Distributed Organization: A Case of Biofuel Production in India

Published Research

This paper uses complex systems theory to develop a conceptual model that suggests how development can be catalyzed by leveraging innovation in both technology and social organization to solve socioeconomic problems for developing country populations.Read More

Innovating in Uncertain Markets: 10 Lessons for Green Technologies

Published Research

Talking about “green technology” gets people excited. It’s thrilling to think that a new wave of inventions and discoveries will revolutionize the way we live, halt the degradation of our planet and conserve resources for future generations. And it’s more than just talk: Investors are committing real dollars.Read More