Reversing course: Competing technologies, mistakes, and renewal in flat panel displays

Published Research

The study explores renewal in a novel but understudied context—an era of ferment with competing technological options. It focuses on IBM’s transition from market leadership in a failed path (plasma) to leadership in the emerging dominant technology (LCD) in the 1980s. Interviews and internal documents offer two primary factors explaining renewal at IBM.Read More

Falling Flat: Failed Technologies and Investment Under Uncertainty

Published Research

This study theorizes about the behavioral and knowledge creation implications of betting on the losing technology in a competing technology situation and focuses on three main outcomes. First, in a situation with competing technological options, firms that invest initially in the losing technology will be less successful subsequently in building new knowledge.Read More

Daniel Zweidler on the Benefits of Sharing Failures

See Knowledge@Wharton‘s article on Daniel Zweidler’s (Mack Center Senior Fellow) case for how pharmaceutical companies could benefit by sharing their failures as well as their successes, in order to make research and development more efficient and improve the pharmaceutical pipeline. Why Sharing Failures Can Speed Up Innovation When it comes to innovation, mostRead More