The Impact of Video Visits on Care Utilization, Health Outcomes, and Physician Productivity

Tan (Suparerk) Lekwijit and Hummy Song, Operations, Information and Decisions, The Wharton School

Abstract: Video visits are transforming the way patients connect with providers—by not only providing an additional pathway for patients to access care from anywhere but also one that is available sooner. Telehealth, the broad concept of remote healthcare services that include video visits, eliminates historical barriers to healthcare such as distance and time constraints. We aim to study the impact of video visits on both patients and providers. Our research has two main objectives. First, on the patient side, we aim to examine the impact of video visits on care utilization and health outcomes. Second, on the provider side, we aim to investigate the operational impact of physicians’ video visit adoption on physician productivity. Both of our aims are primarily related to the Mack Institute’s research priority in innovation in business models and service delivery.