In the Shadow of the Valley: Private Equity Firms’ Increased Prominence in High-Tech Acquisitions

Funded Research Proposal

Why and how do private equity (PE) firms engage in technology acquisitions, and how do they create and capture value in these transactions? Observational data shows initial evidence that not only are PE firms engaging in an increasing number of technology buyouts, they are also seemingly behaving in distinct ways from both corporate acquirers, as well as PE firms in industries other than high-tech.Read More

The Influence of Private Equity Experience on Corporate Transactions

Funded Research Proposal

This project considers whether CEOs and other top managers whose professional backgrounds are in private equity undertake different and/or more successful acquisitions and divestitures than CEOs and other top managers who do not have professional backgrounds in private equity.Read More

Economics of Private Equity

Funded Research Proposal

In this paper, I plan to study how financing frictions affect the ability of firms to implement innovations. I am mainly going to focus on the step, when a company has already discovered an innovation opportunity, but does not have resources to finance it, and so needs to get external financing.Read More

Organizational Change and the Dynamics of Innovation: Formal R&D Structure and Intrafirm Inventor Networks

Working Papers

Prior studies have shown associations between organizational structure and innovation. However, most have been static and cross sectional, only showing variation across firms. This gap is problematic because it is not clear if firms can use structure as a lever to direct their research outcomes.Read More

Role of prior relationships between syndication partners on sequential decision making

Funded Research Proposal

Current research has established a number of factors, both at the individual and organizational levels, which can explain firms’ resistance in terminating investments despite negative feedback. Most of this research focuses on intra-organizational investments.Read More