Announcing Our Fall ‘23 Conference, Driving Innovation with Generative AI

The Mack Institute and AI at Wharton are pleased to announce our joint Fall 2023 conference, Driving Innovation with Generative AI: Strategies and Execution. Inspired by the explosive interest in generative AI platforms like ChatGPT and Bard, this event will bring together representatives from academia and industry to discuss this seismic technology, and how businesses can harness it to drive innovation and value.

“AI has moved to the frontier of innovation, putting pressure on executives to unlock value from AI across products, processes, and business models,” said Dr. Valery Yakubovich, Executive Director of the Mack Institute. “Moreover, as AI is affecting innovation management itself, executives find themselves in a situation of building the plane while flying it and are looking for both inspiration and a reality check on driving real impact for their business.”

Both the Mack Institute and AI at Wharton are at the forefront of the university’s conversations about AI and innovation. Housed within Wharton’s world-famous Analytics program, AI at Wharton is a leader in supporting both AI activities at Wharton and cutting-edge research into AI adoption.

In the past year, the Mack Institute has cultivated generative AI as a major topic in innovation management, hosting discussions and workshops, funding research projects, and publishing the results of the Institute’s co-director Prof. Christian Terwiesch’s research on ChatGPT, which was covered in the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal, among others.

Conference topics include:

  • Insights from academic research on generative AI
  • Investing, commercialization, and generative AI’s value proposition
  • Training AI on proprietary corporate data
  • Utilizing AI for innovation management

The event will also include a small-group workshop activity, designed to facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaborative problem-solving, as well as opportunities to network on Wharton’s historic Philadelphia campus.

This event is open to members of our Industry Partners Network or by invitation only. Interested in learning more about the benefits of membership? Contact us here.