New Reports: Explore Topics in Generative AI

Our recent conference, Driving Innovation with Generative AI, brought together representatives from academia, industry, startups, and the venture capital world to explore how this new technology is changing the business world. Read the full report on the conference here, then check out these deep dives into our expert panels.

Tracking Gen AI’s Value Proposition

In this report, experts from the venture capital world explore investor trends in the Generative AI space, how widespread adoption of and interest in LLMs is upending traditional business models and processes, and discuss how incumbents and established firms can work together and compete in this emerging space.

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Managing Innovation with Gen AI

In this report, experts discuss how to use Generative AI technologies to inspire and manage innovation, touching on academic research into AI for idea generation, bolstering human creativity with Gen AI tools, and a deeper exploration of Amazon’s innovation process as an instructive case study for other firms.

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