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Architectural Search and Innovation

Funded Research Proposal

Product innovation can result from the novel design and combination of product components as well as from changing the underlying product architecture, that is, the way components interact with each other. Read More

Algorithmic Literacy in the Labor Market

Working Papers

Using data on employer job search, this study demonstrates that employers are seeking algorithmic literacy from workers in a particularly broad class of occupations because familiarity with algorithms in downstream “using” occupations is important for integrating AI and data science into production. Read More

Information Hierarchy and Holdup

Working Papers

We will examine the cost of inventor mobility from a talent poaching perspective. It is either prohibitively costly or impossible to contract over all states of the world (Grossman and Hart, 1986; Tirole, 1999). Read More

The Short-run Effects of GDPR on Consumer Engagement and Search

Working Papers

In today’s connected world, individuals are no longer mere consumers of goods, information and services, but public producers of often valuable data. In fact, personal data is becoming such a core input that The Economist called it “the world’s most valuable resource” ahead of oil. Read More

Star Developers and Open Source Software

Working Papers

The idea that source code for computer software be accessible to anyone has gained increasing popularity among software developers, fueling the rapid growth of the open source software (OSS) movement. Platforms for OSS development currently host incredibly valuable projects like the Linux kernel, TensorFlow and various blockchain software projects. Read More

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