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Examining Effects of Company Pages on Job Ad Effectiveness

Funded Research Proposal

In this study, we aim to quantify the impact of information provision on jobseeker attention and applications. We explore how firms may improve job ad effectiveness through obtaining and maintaining a “company page” on an online job search platform. We study the implications of these firm actions on job ad performance and for jobseekers’ search. ...Read More

Leveraging Analytics to Maximize Innovation

Funded Research Proposal

Academics and practitioners will log onto an intuitive user interface and type in features of their own company (e.g., its size and industry). They will immediately be greeted with an “instant meta-analysis” that summarizes decades of academic findings related to the most important predictors of creativity and innovation in organizations. Read More

Decision-Aware Learning for Global Health Supply Chains

Funded Research Proposal

Tsai-Hsuan (Angel) Chung, Phd Candidate at the Wharton School; Osbert Bastani, Penn School of Engineering; Francis Smart, PhD Candidate at the University of Montana; Jatu Abdulai*; Patrick Bayoh*; Musa Komeh*; Vahid Rostami* Abstract: This proposal aims to develop and deploy novel methods that integrate machine learning and optimization to improve the efficiency and equity of global ...Read More

Artificial Intelligence, CEO Turnover, and Directional Change in Firm Innovation

Funded Research Proposal

In this project, we aim to investigate the extent to which acquiring AI capabilities can ease firms’ transition of innovation directions in uncertain times of leadership change. To achieve this goal, we plan to identify the challenges that firms face when they attempt to pivot the innovation direction during CEO turnover. Furthermore, we plan to ...Read More

Exclusivity in the Video Streaming Market

Funded Research Proposal

The main goal of this project is to enhance our understanding of the role that exclusive contracts play in shaping market structure, consumer demand, and innovation. The effect of exclusivity on consumer welfare is ambiguous. Read More

Strategies For Creating Value in Base of the Pyramid Markets: Evidence From a Field Experiment in India

Funded Research Proposal

In contexts with high poverty, impact-driven for-profit firms often take market-based approaches to drive inclusive growth while being financially sustainable. Even with the alignment between “doing well” and “doing good” that these firms supposedly seek to achieve, successful business strategies in these contexts have been associated with breadth of reach (reaching maximum number of beneficiaries) ...Read More

Algorithmic Pricing and Transparency in the Gig Economy

Funded Research Proposal

Algorithms control pricing and match customers and workers in the gig economy. However, algorithms face several critiques: they lack transparency, can be biased, and can be inefficient. We empirically analyze these issues and show that algorithms lose efficiency from two sources: competition between platforms and misaligned worker incentives. We model workers’ strategic responses to variation ...Read More

Are Startups More Innovative than Incumbent Counterparts? Evidence from AI Companies

Funded Research Proposal

I plan to study whether AI startups are more innovative than their incumbent counterparts. Although the extant literature highlights startups’ initial innovation capacities that help them identify and leverage market and technology opportunities, startups’ innovation competency at the founding stage no longer properly explains differences in competitive advantages in the digital era. Compared to traditional ...Read More

Evolution of Internet Retailing and Buy vs. Make Decisions

Funded Research Proposal

We have obtained data from Digital Commerce 360 which publishes pertinent statistics on top 1000 internet retail sites. One interesting aspect of this data is detailed information regarding outsourcing/insourcing decisions including web hosting, search engine optimization services, product delivery etc. This is a pretty unique data spanning hundreds of companies and a last decade. We ...Read More

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