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How does Social Media Benefit Startups in Emerging Markets? Evidence from China’s VC market and WeChat Engagement

Funded Research Proposal

Entrepreneurial strategies to cope with dynamic environments are becoming increasingly important globally with the heightened technological and institutional disruptions in the recent and coming years. These dynamic environments are usually characterized by high velocity, complexity, ambiguity and unpredictability, creating additional challenges for entrepreneurs to find and realize opportunities Read More

The Positive Effects of Sharing Innovation Successes and Failures

Funded Research Proposal

We postulate that interventions to increase sharing of failures can boost learning, increase the likelihood of creating a learning culture, and increase trust and reciprocal information sharing among teams and consumers. Further we examine the positive effects of sharing failures on interpersonal and in-group/out-group interaction at different stages of relationship (e.g., initial formation and stable ...Read More

How Do Job Candidates’ Salary Expectations Affect Firms’ Hiring Evaluations?

Funded Research Proposal

Firms often ask workers to indicate their salary expectations when they are applying for jobs. But, we currently have a limited understanding on how these salary expectations affect firms’ evaluation of the candidate: do firms evaluate candidates with low or high salary expectations more favorably? The goal of this research is to enrich our understanding ...Read More

Insider vs. Outsider Judgments of Diversity in Organizations

Funded Research Proposal

We theorize that people who belong to or create groups within organizations (organizational “insiders”) perceive their groups to be more diverse than outside observers (organizational “outsiders”). In other words, we argue that people have distorted perceptions of the diversity of groups they belong to or form, which may lead organizations to become complacent with low ...Read More

Innovating Finance for Social Impact

Funded Research Proposal

The need for impact measurement harmonization is a common refrain among impact investors. However, instituting standards and common frameworks requires an awareness of the constraints under which impact investors operate in their day-to-day work. Read More

How you Tweet Matters: Optimal Social Media Strategy for Startup Lifecycle

Funded Research Proposal

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 330 million on Twitter , social media provide an indispensable channel for information, offering unprecedented ability to efficiently broadcast information about goods and services, especially for early-stage companies which usually lack a public channel for information disclosure. Read More

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