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Algorithmic Governance: The Case of Decentralized Exchanges on Blockchains

Funded Research Proposal

This project studies how algorithmic governance affect economic coordination in the context of blockchain-based organizations. Specifically, the project studies the algorithmic governance structures adopted among decentralized exchange protocols deployed on blockchains. The project documents and develops frameworks to understand variation in the kinds of structures adopted. In addition, the project examines how the adoption of ...Read More

Leveraging Analytics to Maximize Innovation

Funded Research Proposal

Academics and practitioners will log onto an intuitive user interface and type in features of their own company (e.g., its size and industry). They will immediately be greeted with an “instant meta-analysis” that summarizes decades of academic findings related to the most important predictors of creativity and innovation in organizations. Read More

The Impact of Healthcare Price Transparency Rules

Funded Research Proposal

The US government recently required healthcare price transparency from hospitals and insurers in an attempt to control spiraling healthcare costs. On the one hand, price transparency and online search tools have been very effective in increasing competition for other products in the e-commerce space. On the other hand, healthcare is a complex product, often bought ...Read More

Strategies For Creating Value in Base of the Pyramid Markets: Evidence From a Field Experiment in India

Funded Research Proposal

In contexts with high poverty, impact-driven for-profit firms often take market-based approaches to drive inclusive growth while being financially sustainable. Even with the alignment between “doing well” and “doing good” that these firms supposedly seek to achieve, successful business strategies in these contexts have been associated with breadth of reach (reaching maximum number of beneficiaries) ...Read More

How Corning Leverages Its Organizational Memory to Create New Industries

Funded Research Proposal

Rahul Kapoor, Management, The Wharton School Abstract: The objective of this project is to document the history of Gorilla Glass―a material developed by Corning (formerly Corning Glass Works) that enables the touchscreen devices of the 21st Century. Corning started developing the predecessor technologies to Gorilla Glass in the 1960s, discontinued the development in 1971, resumed development in ...Read More

The Placeholder Effect: Using Break Days to Help Form Habits

Funded Research Proposal

This research aims to test a novel intervention to help people form healthy habits, such as exercise more. In particular, we will examine how encouraging people to have “placeholders” on their break days, or days off from pursuing their goals, affects their likelihood of reaching their goals. Read More

Work From Home: Who Gains and Who Does Not?

Funded Research Proposal

In this study, considering the benefits and costs of WFM, we consider two questions: (1) who has an incentive to work from home, (2) how is team coherence and work performance impacted when individuals work from home? Read More

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