The Paradox of Destigmatization

Funded Research Proposal

This project examines destigmatization, or “the process by which low-status groups gain recognition and worth.” Destigmatization of identity is a central goal of egalitarian social movements. Yet destigmatization represents a paradox because while destigmatization benefits identity groups as a whole and creates opportunities for many individual members, organizations perceived as belonging that identity group may suffer.Read More

Understanding the Network of Websites: How Can We Improve Digital Privacy?

Funded Research Proposal

The first study aims to investigate the online data network, in which personal information flows between websites, in order to analyze which privacy policy interventions would be most effective. The second study focuses on individual household’s internet browsing behavior and analyzes vulnerability of different socioeconomic groups to privacy violating data collection activities.Read More

The Positive Effects of Sharing Innovation Successes and Failures

Funded Research Proposal

We postulate that interventions to increase sharing of failures can boost learning, increase the likelihood of creating a learning culture, and increase trust and reciprocal information sharing among teams and consumers. Further we examine the positive effects of sharing failures on interpersonal and in-group/out-group interaction at different stages of relationship (e.g., initial formation and stable relationship) and the effects on repeated interaction (e.g., a future relationship).Read More

Insider vs. Outsider Judgments of Diversity in Organizations

Funded Research Proposal

We propose that an important hurdle preventing organizations from diversifying is their ability to accurately diagnose a lack of diversity in their ranks in the first place. Specifically, we theorize that people who belong to or create groups within organizations (organizational “insiders”) perceive those groups to be more diverse than outside observers (organizational “outsiders”).Read More

Economies of Scope in Prescription Drug Development

Funded Research Proposal

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most innovative industries in the US. An important driver of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry is research & development (R & D). How do the portfolios of drugs being developed by pharmaceuticals affect the success rates of innovation? In this project, we will quantify the extent of economies of scope in prescription drug development.Read More

Friend or Foe: How Social Movements Impact Firm Innovation

Working Papers

We investigate the impact social movements have on firm-level innovation through private politics. We distinguish between contentious private politics, or contentious targeting of firms by activists, and cooperative private politics, when activists engage firms in formal collaborations.Read More