Multiplexity and Information Transmission: Evidence from the Diffusion of Microfinance in Rural India

Working Papers

This study evaluates how having multiple kinds of relations – multiplexity – affects diffusion by word-of-mouth information transmission. The study uses data from a field experiment in 49 remote villages in Karnataka, India.Read More

Multiplex Network Diffusion

Working Papers

The networks literature examining the diffusion of complex innovations by social contagion has focused on the benefits of “multiplex” (or “wide”) ties in these processes. Multiplex ties span different types of networks to create inter-connectivity across subgraphs within a community. Read More

Influencers’ Role Complexity Moderates the Benefits of Eigenvector Centrality for Diffusion in Social Networks

Working Papers

Existing research on the diffusion of innovations has focused on the benefits of using central influencers to trigger adoption cascades in networks. Yet, prior work has not examined how influencers’ role complexity moderates these benefits. Read More

Modeling the Diffusion of Complex Innovations as a Process of Opinion Formation through Social Networks

Published Research

Complex innovations – ideas, practices, and technologies that hold uncertain benefits for potential adopters — often vary in their ability to diffuse in different communities over time. To explain why, I develop a model of innovation adoption in which agents engage in naïve (DeGroot) learning about the value of an innovation within their social networks.Read More

Women, Rails and Telegraphs: An Empirical Study of Information Diffusion and Collective Action

Working Papers

How do social interactions shape collective action, and how are they mediated by the availability of networked information technologies? To answer these questions, we study the Temperance Crusade, one of the earliest instances of organized political mobilization by women in the U.S. Read More

Network Overlap and Content Sharing on Social Media Platforms

Published Research

We study the impact of network overlap — the overlap in network connections between two users — on content sharing in directed social media platforms. We propose a hazards model that flexibly captures the impact of three different measures of network overlap (i.e., common followees, common followers and common mutual followers) on content sharing.Read More

Managing Innovation in Hospitals: The Rise of the Chief Innovation Officer

Funded Research Proposal

Hospitals are increasingly facing market and regulatory pressures and the need to innovate is becoming ever more salient. One response has been the creation of the role of Chief Innovation Officer, or CIO.Read More