Network Overlap and Content Sharing on Social Media Platforms

Working Papers

We study the impact of network overlap — the overlap in network connections between two users — on content sharing in directed social media platforms. We propose a hazards model that flexibly captures the impact of three different measures of network overlap (i.e., common followees, common followers and common mutual followers) on content sharing.Read More

Women, Rails and Telegraphs: Information Spillovers and Collective Action

Funded Research Proposal

Social networks and media enable information diffusion in societies — and are thus at the core of collective decision making and action. The recent rise of many events which are critical for the political and corporate stakeholders, such as the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street, require information essential to individuals’ participation to spread among heterogeneous populations and over wide geographies.Read More

From Innovation to Entrepreneurial Venture Creation

Funded Research Proposal

Policymakers see entrepreneurs as a crucial source of employment and productivity growth, yet our systematic knowledge of the steps that lead to the founding of a new entrepreneurial venture is limited. A key difficulty in studying entrepreneurship is that we do not observe the counterfactual—those who consider starting ventures but do not.Read More

Engineering Serendipity into Social and Knowledge Networks in Large Enterprises

Funded Research Proposal

An organization’s ability to innovate depends to a large extent on its ability to allow organizational learning to occur internally. It is not enough that knowledge gets imported into the organization; knowledge needs to also diffuse within the organization.Read More