Multiplex Ties and the Diffusion of Complex Innovations: Evidence from a Microfinance Intervention

Working Papers

The networks literature examining the diffusion of complex innovations by social contagion has focused on the benefits of “multiplex” (or “wide”) ties in these processes. Multiplex ties span different types of networks to create inter-connectivity across subgraphs within a community. Read More

To Boost Online Sales, Focus on Close-Knit Communities

David Bell

Word-of-mouth testimonials from consumers are effective in driving online sales. But these signals are even more powerful in communities where people have closer ties and trust each other, according to new research by Wharton marketing professor David Bell and Jae Lee. Read More

Neighborhood Social Capital and Social Learning for Experience Attributes of Products

Published Research

“Social learning” can occur when information is transferred from existing customers to potential customers. It is especially important in cases where the information that is conveyed pertains to experience attributes, i.e., attributes of products that cannot be fully verified prior to the first purchase.Read More

Social Learning and Trial on the Internet

Working Papers

Internet retail sales are impeded when consumers have difficulty acquiring information about non-digital product attributes. Firms therefore employ creative (and sometimes costly) methods such as two-way free shipping to help consumers resolve the problem of incomplete consumer knowledge on non-digital attributes.Read More

Nuclear Research Networks in Emerging Markets: Collaboration & Competition in High-Tech Fields

Working Papers

To what extent do nuclear scientists in different countries collaborate with each other? What is the network structure of collaboration and competition? We argue that nuclear research networks, formed by reciprocal and horizontal interactions among specialists and the institutions within which they are embedded, evolve across developing economies in response to fluctuations in government spending.Read More