Imprinting And Early Exposure To Developed International Markets: The Case Of The New Multinationals

Working Papers

Previous research has analyzed the imprinting effect associated with the firm’s international expansion without considering the full range of differences between home and host countries. These differences are important because, depending on the development gap, and the direction of the difference, learning opportunities and the possibility of upgrading firm’s capabilities will be vastly different. Read More

Competing Technologies and Industry Evolution: The Benefits of Making Mistakes in the Flat Panel Display Industry

Published Research

This article investigates the post-entry implications of pre-entry technological choices made during the uncertain period before a dominant design. Building on work on technological dynamics and organizational inertia, I argue that too early commitments to the winning technology may impede the ability to bring the best product to market, but delaying investment too long limits the ability to accumulate useful knowledge.Read More

Why Do Firms Divest?

Published Research

In this paper, I examine how lower-cost production and new market opportunities influence the divestment decisions of firms. I argue that lower-cost production and new market opportunities in foreign markets can provide a better use of existing firm resources and posit that these opportunities are likely to influence firm divestment of home-country operations.Read More