How the People at the Interface Shape Interfirm Partnerships: Evidence from Simultaneous CVC Investments

Funded Research Proposal

Research examining whether corporate venture capital investments create value, either for startups or established firms, has largely adopted a binary characterization of these relationships, i.e. ‘CVC’ vs ‘no CVC.’ From the startup perspective this entails comparing on average the outcomes of startups that receive CVC investment vs ones that don’t. Read More

Liberty in Law? Intellectual Property Rights and Global Alliance Networks

Working Papers

We explore how intellectual property rights (IPR), a type of formal institution, affect firms’ access to global alliance networks and their positioning within those networks. We employed a difference-in-difference design to assess the impact of IPR reforms across thirteen countries.Read More

Startup Innovation and Corporate Venture Capital

Working Papers

Entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to established firms for venture capital, but research on how this affects their development is lacking. I argue that these relationships are particularly valuable to entrepreneurs in helping them drive their technological discoveries into development. Read More

Networks and Innovation: Accounting for Structural and Institutional Sources of Recombination in Brokerage Triads

Published Research

Research linking interorganizational networks to innovation has focused on spanning structural boundaries as a means of knowledge recombination. Increasingly, firms also partner across institutional boundaries (countries, industries, technologies) in their search for new knowledge.Read More

From Invention to Innovation: A Multi-Study Investigation of Firm Strategy and Outcomes in Clinical Trials

Funded Research Proposal

The translation of invention to innovation is a topic that has received significant research attention in recent times. Scholars have recognized that our understanding of the factors that shape whether and when innovative technologies arise and transform industries cannot be complete without comprehending how scientific or technological discovery evolves into commercial adoption. Read More

Venture Capital Syndication Ties as Pathways to Strategic Alliance Formation

Funded Research Proposal

Strategic alliances with established enterprises are known to be a valuable resource for entrepreneurial firms to obtain access to knowledge and resources which support their growth. In this paper we examine how the networks of the venture capitalists (VCs) that back them influence startups’ access to these alliances. Read More