Do Institutional Reforms Perpetuate or Mitigate the Matthew Effect? Intellectual Property Rights and Access to International Alliances

Published Research

We explore how intellectual property rights (IPR), a type of formal institution, affect firms’ access to global alliance networks and their positioning within those networks. We employed a difference-in-difference design to assess the impact of IPR reforms across thirteen countries.Read More

Unlocking Value from Startups’ Ties to Established Firms: The Role of the Entrepreneurs’ Background

Working Papers

Evidence on whether startups benefit from corporate venture capital investment is equivocal. Research suggests that the principal impediment to value creation in these relationships for startups is the complexity of the larger organization – the varying incentive structures, layers of bureaucracy and convoluted decision-making processes that limit their access to valuable resources. Read More

Pipes or Shackles? How Ties to Incumbents Shape Startup Innovation

Working Papers

Startups are increasingly turning to the incumbent firms in their industries for venture capital. However, there remain significant gaps in our understanding of how these relationships influence the way they innovate. Read More

Networks and Innovation: Accounting for Structural and Institutional Sources of Recombination in Brokerage Triads

Published Research

Research linking interorganizational networks to innovation has focused on spanning structural boundaries as a means of knowledge recombination. Increasingly, firms also partner across institutional boundaries (countries, industries, technologies) in their search for new knowledge.Read More

From Invention to Innovation: A Multi-Study Investigation of Firm Strategy and Outcomes in Clinical Trials

Funded Research Proposal

The translation of invention to innovation is a topic that has received significant research attention in recent times. Scholars have recognized that our understanding of the factors that shape whether and when innovative technologies arise and transform industries cannot be complete without comprehending how scientific or technological discovery evolves into commercial adoption. Read More