From Invention to Innovation: A Multi-Study Investigation of Firm Strategy and Outcomes in Clinical Trials

Funded Research Proposal

The translation of invention to innovation is a topic that has received significant research attention in recent times. Scholars have recognized that our understanding of the factors that shape whether and when innovative technologies arise and transform industries cannot be complete without comprehending how scientific or technological discovery evolves into commercial adoption. Read More

Uncovering an Incumbency Paradox: Firms with the Greatest Need to Change Face the Greatest Stock Market Pressure to Conform

Working Papers

An emerging strand within the strategic management literature explores how incumbents’ responses in the face of discontinuous industry change are evaluated by stock markets, underscoring how these institutional pressures may constrain incumbents’ adaptation efforts. A general insight offered is that stock markets are less optimistic when incumbents’ strategies are aligned to emerging technologies and business models as compared to existing technologies and models, an effect referred to as the “incumbent discount.”Read More