Connecting People for Nudges: Optimal Design of Networks to Motivate Consumer Behavior

Working Papers

An increasing number of start-ups create online and offline shared goal communities for individuals with similar goals to work towards them in the company of others. Such platforms allow individuals to connect and share effort information under the premise that it is more likely for consumers to reach their goals if they can gauge their activity in line with others’ activities.Read More

Motivational and Behavioral Factors in Entrepreneurial Decision-Making

Funded Research Proposal

Broadly speaking, this study is investigating how extrinsic and intrinsic motives affect entrepreneurial behavior and, in particular, innovative activity by nascent entrepreneurs. Specifically, it is interested in understanding when and how status motivation induces entrepreneurs to pursue innovative business ideas.Read More

Commentary: A Hegelian Dialogue on the Micro-Foundations of Organizational Routines and Capabilities

Published Research

This paper aims to further the alignment among different theoretical approaches and future scholarship on the complex themes related to the micro-foundational processes characterizing the emergence and development of organizational routines and capabilities. It has been constructed with a typical Hegelian structure represented by a thesis, an antithesis and an attempt of a synthesis, each presented by different scholars.Read More

Why seeking help from teammates is a blessing and a curse:  A theory of help seeking and individual creativity in team contexts

Published Research

Research has not explored the extent to which seeking help from teammates positively relates to a person’s own creativity. This question is important to explore as help seeking is commonly enacted in organizations and may come with reciprocation costs that may also diminish creativity.Read More