The Placeholder Effect: Using Break Days to Help Form Habits

Funded Research Proposal

This research aims to test a novel intervention to help people form healthy habits, such as exercise more. In particular, we will examine how encouraging people to have “placeholders” on their break days, or days off from pursuing their goals, affects their likelihood of reaching their goals.Read More

Making Up for Failure: A Simple Nudge to Improve Goal Persistence

Funded Research Proposal

Our research introduces an innovative nudge aimed at increasing goal persistence: making up for failure. If consumers fail their goal today (e.g., do not work out for 20 minutes), they are encouraged to make up for that failure tomorrow (e.g., work out 40 minutes tomorrow).Read More

Optimal Network Design for Inducing Effort

Working Papers

Many companies create and manage communities where consumers observe and exchange information about the effort expended by other consumers. Such communities are especially popular in the areas of fitness, education, dieting, and financial savings. Read More

A Hegelian Dialogue on the Micro-Foundations of Organizational Routines and Capabilities

Published Research

This paper aims to further the alignment among different theoretical approaches and future scholarship on the complex themes related to the micro-foundational processes characterizing the emergence and development of organizational routines and capabilities. It has been constructed with a typical Hegelian structure represented by a thesis, an antithesis and an attempt of a synthesis, each presented by different scholars.Read More

Why seeking help from teammates is a blessing and a curse:  A theory of help seeking and individual creativity in team contexts

Published Research

Research has not explored the extent to which seeking help from teammates positively relates to a person’s own creativity. This question is important to explore as help seeking is commonly enacted in organizations and may come with reciprocation costs that may also diminish creativity.Read More