The Impact of Adopting an AI-Enabled Distribution Channel

Funded Research Proposal

The advance in intelligent technology is changing the way that people search for and purchase products. There is an emerging trend in which consumers are shopping through artificial intelligence (AI) enabled devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, for a variety of products.Read More

Agency Selling or Reselling? Channel Structures in Electronic Retailing

Published Research

In recent years, online retailers (also called e-tailers) have started allowing manufacturers direct access to their customers while charging a fee for providing this access, a format commonly referred to as agency selling. In this paper, we use a stylized theoretical model to answer a key question that e-tailers are facing: When should they use an agency selling format instead of using the more conventional reselling format?Read More

Rewarding the Few or the Many? An Investigation of the Impact of Rewards in Open Innovation Contests

Working Papers

In this study, we examine the impact of financial incentives on participation and quality of submitted ideas in crowd-sourced innovation contests. We compare three commonly used contest designs that vary with respect to the number of winners and how the total reward is distributed.Read More