Is FDI Good News for Local Entrepreneurs? Evidence from China

Funded Research Proposal

In opening their markets, governments in developing countries hope to receive foreign direct investment. In addition to direct wage and employment benefits, they also hope that foreign investment can facilitate the growth of local businesses. Read More

Capability-Enhancing Foreign Investments and Evolution of Corporate Scope in Software Services: Market Reactions and Implications for Competitive Advantage

Working Papers

How does the stock market react to competitive actions by firms and their rivals? In this study we empirically explore capability-seeking investments by firms from different strategic groups within an industry and examine their impact on rival firms in the competitive context of global software services.Read More

Property Rights and International Investment in Information Technology Services

Published Research

Many modern information technology services are increasingly being produced in a host country to serve clients in an offshore location. As a result, the internationalization of service functions is beginning to resemble that of their more traditional manufacturing counterparts.Read More

Institutions and the Internationalization of U.S. Venture Capital Firms

Published Research

In recent years, venture capital firms have increasingly turned to foreign countries in search of investment opportunities. The cross-border expansion of venture capital firms presents an interesting case of internationalization, because they are at variance with both conventional portfolio and direct investment models.Read More