To Diversify or Not? Multi-Platform Social Media Strategy and E-Commerce Performance

Funded Research Proposal

Xiaoning (Gavin) Wang, PhD Candidate, Lynn Wu, Operations, Information and Decisions, and Serguei Netessine, Operations, Information and Decisions, The Wharton School Abstract:¬†As the number of social platforms has grown dramatically in the past two decades, companies face an increasing number of options to choose among for their social media resourceRead More

Corporate Spin-Offs and Capital Allocation Decisions

Published Research

This paper investigates how spin-offs affect capital allocation decisions in diversified firms. The sensitivity of capital expenditures to investment opportunities, representing the efficiency of capital allocation decisions, improves when firms undertake spin-offs.Read More

When Do Firms Divest Foreign Operations?

Published Research

Extant literature on divestment has repeatedly found that firms are likely to divest their poorly performing operations. In this paper, I consider how product market relatedness and geographic market differences in growth, policy stability, and exchange rate volatility can moderate the negative relationship between performance and divestment.Read More